Breath Of The Unknown (Legacy)

Published by MP1Player on Sun, 07/12/2020 - 01:17
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(This mod no longer is in development and is in legacy status. Curseforge link was also taken down for reasons I will not explain.)


Breath Of The Unknown is a Minecraft biome mod made with MCreator that adds 34 biomes, 1 new structure, and 8 new wood types to your minecraft world. This is a pretty small number of biomes, but there will be more in the future via updates! (Total mod elements: 183)


(Curseforge Link:

Biomes (V = Can spawn villages, O = Ocean biome)

  • Meadows (V)
  • Seasonal Forest (V)
  • Winter Oak Forest
  • Desert Meadows
  • Lush Savanna (V)
  • Sparkling Sea (O)
  • Mushroom Grove
  • Rough Wetlands
  • Himalayas / Himalayan Mountains
  • Alps
  • Crooked Forest
  • Ender Forest
  • Stone Forest
  • Steep Trench (O)
  • Maple Forest (V)
  • Cherry Forest
  • Tropical Plateau
  • Woodlands
  • Glacier
  • Grassland Plateau
  • Prairie (V)
  • Parrot Island
  • Seasonal Birch Forest (V)
  • Seasonal Taiga (V)
  • Fox Woods (V)
  • Highlands
  • Candy Cane Forest
  • Rocky Woodlands
  • Aspen Forest
  • Rocky Woodlands Clearing
  • Magic Willow Swamp
  • Sandrock Valley
  • Shrubland (V)
  • Chaparral

New wood types:

  • Palm
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • Red Candy (Part of the candy cane forest)
  • White Candy (Part of the candy cane forest)
  • Aspen
  • Magic Willow

New structures:

  • Fox Statue

Known Issues:

  • Leaf decay doesnt work properly. This is a problem I simply don't know what I am supposed to do about, I've tried fixing it before, nothing worked. If I can find a fix, I will release it in the next update.


Modification files

- Added Aspen Forest, Rocky Woodlands Clearing, Magic Willow Swamp, Sandrock Valley, Shrubland, and Chaparral biomes.

- Added Aspen and Magic Willow wood types.

- Added trapdoors to all wood types.

- Removed mushrooms in sparkling sea and made islands spawn less commonly, but will now spawn in groups when they appear. Dolphins are also starting to spawn in the sparkling seas.

- Made hostile mobs able to spawn in (almost) every biome

- Magic Willow Leaves can change the color beacons and emit particles.

- Removed Viola flower. Will be re-added in 1.2.0

- Made minor changes to the rough wetlands

- New logo (sadly its still not that good)