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Plasma Tech is a mod which adds new tools, weapons, and a dimension, all originating from plasma. This is my first mod that I have been working on during my free time for a long time and I have finally completed it! Future updates or bug fixes may still be made.


The content within this mod is quite "endgame" since you would need to have had killed the wither to get started on this modded journey. All you need is to convert a nether star into 64 pieces of plasma using a crafting table.


Plasma Set:
An armor and tool set that's slightly stronger than netherite. The armor gives bonus status effects along with a special ability if the full set is equipped; press V to activate a regeneration, speed and night vision buff in dire situations. Tools are crafted using diamond rods instead of sticks.

Plasma set

Plasma Ray Guns:
The more fun and interesting thing to make with plasma is the plasma ray gun! By combining a muzzle, barrel, core, and trigger in a crafting table, you can make your very own powerful ranged weapon. You will also have to craft its fuel. Shooting enemies deals 15 attack damage per hit.

Crafting recipes for plasma ray gun

The ray guns can be upgraded to have unique abilities and effects. Specialized fuel can be crafted then added to the ray gun to fabricate the 7 different types:

  • Freezing: immobilizes the target for a few seconds.
  • Incineration: burns the target.
  • Poison: Applies poison to the target for a few seconds.
  • Healing: Applies instant health V to the target.
  • Repulsion: Knocks back target really far.
  • Levitation: Applies levitation effect to the target for a few seconds.
  • Void: Instantly kills the target. (Very expensive to craft its fuel and also yields less than other fuels when crafting)

Fuel crafting recipesAll plasma ray guns (plasma, freezing, incineration, poison, healing, repulsion. levitation, void)


A new dimension: A far away planet with new materials waiting to be discovered. Travelling to Kepler-701D requires a portal setup made of translocator frames connected to a computer and activated using an activator.

Portal to Kepler-701D

Exoterran Forest:
Kepler-701D is covered in an alien woodland with pink trees, blue dirt, and surprisingly earth-like mobs. Blobfish and giant isopods will be the main source of food, but watch out for anglerfish, sentient crystals, and flying jellyfish (and endermen too). Occasionally you might find an abandoned lab with some useful loot, but beware of the zombified doctors and scientists within them.

Most caves on Kepler-701D are ocean caves (1.18+), so you'll need to craft a Core of Marine Blessing by combining 8 Shimmering Sand with a block of Crystallite in centre. It will basically act as a portable conduit in your off-hand to make your mining experience easier. Ocean's Blessing grants swimming speed, haste, and water breathing.

Core of Marine Blessing


Dark Matter and Antimatter:
Two rare substances that can be found deep underground in deposits. To purify them you will need to put them into a particle accelerator powered by copper electrodes. You will need quite a lot of titanium to craft the particle accelerator. Dark matter and antimatter can produce even more powerful sets of armor and tools, but they can make some other mighty things too.

  • Dark Matter Armor Special Ability - Withering Aura: Applies the wither effect to nearby mobs within a 5 block radius, along with some previous buffs.
  • Antimatter Armor Special Ability - Annihilation: Creates an explosion and grants the player resistance and flight, along with some previous buffs.

dark matter and antimatterParticle Accelerator crafting recipeParticle Accelerator's GUI


The content mentioned above is just the most important stuff, there's a number of other things this mod adds too!

  • A selection of decorative blocks for Kepler-701D.
  • Bazookas and massive TNT! (Use nukes, Tsar Bombas, and antimatter bombs with caution!)
  • Injections: Can apply positive effects, negative effects, clear all effects, or even tame some mobs.
  • The Almighty Yeet Ducc: A huge duck found in shrines far out into the ocean. Tame him, or obtain his magic Yeet Sticc (it yeets things very very far).
    • The Yeet Ducc will teleport players back to its position if they go too far away, and will also gain Resistance and Strength when on low HP.
  • Some new potions.


If you notice any bugs or problems please tell me!

You're free to add this to mod packs or mod showcase videos with credit, I'd really appreciate it! But please do not repost the mod to other sites.


Modification files
PlasmaTech1.19.2_v1.1.jar - 1.19.2 first releaseUploaded on: 04/19/2023 - 20:20   File size: 1.63 MB
PlasmaTech1.18.2_v1.1.jar - 1.18.2 first releaseUploaded on: 04/19/2023 - 19:50   File size: 1.65 MB
PlasmaTech1.17.1_v1.0_0.jar - First official releaseUploaded on: 04/06/2023 - 15:51   File size: 1.61 MB
PlasmaTech1.16.5_v1.0.jar - 1.16.5 first releaseUploaded on: 04/19/2023 - 19:49   File size: 2.17 MB

Release v1.1:

  • Added 1.16.5 support
  • Added 1.18.2 support
  • Added 1.19.2 support
  • The Following are for 1.18+ only:
  • Added Shimmering Sand
  • Added Shimmering Glass and Shimmering Glass Pane
  • Added Core of Marine Blessing item + Ocean's Blessing status effect
  • Added Anthocyanophyte (pink seagrass in Kepler-701D)
  • Increased  spawn weight for Anglerfish and Blobfish
  • Added Lion's Mane Jellyfish that can spawn underwater
  • Increased tracking range and damage of some mobs
  • Removed Beach from being a possible spawn location for Yeet Ducc Shrine
  • Removed Water Breathing from Antimatter Armor buff


Release v1.0:

  • Fixed Giant Isopod's legs animation
  • Added new food for Kepler-701D: Stellar Fruit and Enchanted Stellar Fruit
  • Buffed The Yeet Ducc
  • Added extended variants of Glowing, Blindness, and Flight potions
  • Improved Laboratory spawning in Kepler-701D
  • Added tooltips to a number of items and blocks
  • Fixed problem with getting 'Metal Detector' advancement
  • Made it possible to smelt ore blocks from Kelper-701D
  • Renamed 'Plasma Ore' to 'Plasma Deposit'
  • Renamed some Cosmic Stone related blocks that were named incorrectly
  • Added Cosmic Stone Button and Pressure Plate
  • Added Stripped Cosmic Wood + additional Cosmic Planks recipes
  • Changed numerous crafting recipes
  • Added drops for Zombie Doctor and Zombie Scientist
  • Fixed bug where Anglerfish and Blobfish still die from dehydration even after getting back into water in time


Beta v0.6.1:

  • Improved textures of some of the older items
  • Added Jellyfish's texture and attacks
  • Simplified motherboard crafting recipe
  • Anglerfish now only attack Blobfish when conditions are met
  • Anglerfish now attack Overworld fish (Except for pufferfish)
  • Added Bucket of Blobfish and Anglerfish
  • Increased Anglerfish and Blobfish spawn weight
  • Added  2 new advancements
  • Fixed 'Deep Space Traveler' advancement grant condition
  • Growing Cosmic Tree sapling no longer breaks surrounding blocks
  • Tamed Yeet Ducc attacks owner's enemies again and now has a cute bow tie
  • Fixed bug where using Antimatter armor's ability in creative makes you take damage from mobs
  • Permanent effects from armor are now set to ambient
  • Nerfed Zombie Doctor
  • Fixed any issues with Injections' procedures
  • Clouds no longer generate in Kepler-701D
  • Made it impossible for player to get hit by their own ray gun projectile when shooting it


Beta v0.5:

  • Added more foliage for Kepler-701D, can be placed in flower pots
  • Custom armors' effects are now balanced and added 'V' keybind for armor set special abilities
  • Kepler-701D mobs can now spawn naturally
  • Anglerfish and giant isopod are now textured
  • Enlarged giant isopod's model + added food drops
  • Added 2 new blocks: Bioluminescent Lamp and Block of Crystallite
  • Endermen no longer spawn out of control in Kepler-701D
  • Added jellyfish item used for brewing injections
  • Nerfed positive and negative injections, including the zombie doctor's projectile
  • Added 3 new advancements
  • Incineration and Freezing Plasma Ray Guns no longer break bedrock

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