Steamy machines

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Steamy machines


-Boiler (Needs water source under and heated copper block next to it)

-Heater (Needs flowing lava above to heat copper block next to itself)

-Steam tube upwards (transports steam from boiler)

-Steam storage box (stores steam , when clicked onto it with wrench transfers steam into side tubes)

-Steam storage loader (Transports steam from steam tubes into most machines like steam storage loader, baloon machine , steam decomposer etc...)

-Side steam tube ( transfers steam from steam storage box into sides) (Can be transfered only 5 blocks)

-Steam machine repair station (When filled with steam can repair mechanic upgraded tools)

-Baloon machine (When filled can with steam can be rightclicked with baloon in hand to make it fly)

-Vehicle constructer machine (When Crate with car in it is placed above it and is fully filled with steam will build a car)

-Steam decomposer (When rightclicked with some items on it can decompose them)


-Wooden crate

-Copper block (Can be heated with heater)

-Construction block (has a fence variation)



-Copper wrench

-Copper ingot

-Copper cogwheel

-Steam storage bottle (Can get filled by rightclicking on steam storage box)

-Iron pipe

-Coghweel mechanism

-Mechanic upgraded iron tools

-Mechanic upgraded diamond tools

-Baloons (in 16 colors)

-Iron plate

-Steam engine


-Car (Red and Lime)

-Steam bomb (Can be filled by rightclicking on steam storage box if filled)

-Steam bomb thrower (Can shoot steam bombs if filled)


-Wheel golem (Throws wheels at you. Can be found at abandoned racetrack or spawned by rightclicking on pumpkin)

-Recipes :D

-There are lots of recipes so if you want to know how to craft some stuff write /recipe give (player name) (item name)

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"Wooden crate", did you want to make me angry ! No, awsome mod, we can feel the Crative part, so that cool !