Klsts' Metroid Mod

Published by klsts on Sun, 09/19/2021 - 18:07
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Welcome to my metroid mod!

This mod focuses on the Metroid as a specie and some other stuff related to them, such as Chozodium, a new metal that can be used to craft the Power Suit or the Samus Armcannon (aaand this can be upgraded in the Enhacing table, after pressing V you can change the beam).

Metroids are very powerful mobs, who can auto-regenerate health and drain it from opponents. To confront any metroid is recommendable to first freeze them with the Ice Beam or with the enchantment Frozen Blade. Once frozen, they can't auto-regenerate life and their movement is reduced.

After defeating an Alpha or Gamma metroid they can drop Scales, wich combined in a block can be used to upgrade your Netherite gear and tools! If you can't find one of theese metroid forms, they can grow over time, so one standar Metroid will become a Zeta! 

Next planned updates will add: -Tameable metroids

                                                   -New materials

                                                  - Other metroid Upgrades



Hope you like it!  I'll love to hear feedback!

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Also also most sound effects are ripped from Metroid Prime I and III, so credit to Retro Studios and Team Ninja for making the games and to knarkleo and Unknowni123 for ripping the sounds.

Modification files
klsts_metroid_0.1.0.jar - First version1.79 MB
klsts_metroid_0.2.0.jar - Zeta Metroid and Gravity Suit Update3.2 MB



-Added Zeta Metroids.

-Added new ore and materials: Pirate Steel and Gravitum.

-Added a in-game guide.

-Added a new biome: Brinstarian Woods. Has extra Chozodium Ore generation.

-Added the Aeion Drive System (pressing B by default).

-Added new Brinstarian wood/tree related items.

-Added new beam upgrades: Long Beam, Pulse Beam, Dark Beam and Nova Beam.

-Added new Chozo Statues in the Nether.

-Added a new weapon: Chozo War Lance, with its enchantment Power Dive.

-Added new blocks and items.