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Published by klsts on Sun, 09/19/2021 - 18:07
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Welcome to my metroid mod! - - (The only version supported is 1.18.2)

This mod focuses on the Metroid as a specie and some other stuff related to them, such as Chozodium, a new metal that can be used to craft the Power Suit or the Samus Armcannon (aaand this can be upgraded in the Enhacing table, after pressing V you can change the beam).

Metroids are very powerful mobs, who can auto-regenerate health and drain it from opponents. To confront any metroid is recommendable to first freeze them with the Ice Beam or with the enchantment Frozen Blade. Once frozen, they can't auto-regenerate life and their movement is reduced.

After defeating an Alpha or Gamma metroid they can drop Scales Scraps, wich combined form a Scale that can be used to upgrade your Netherite gear and tools! If you can't find one of theese metroid forms, you can mutate them by using Alpha, Gamma, Zeta or Omega Genes.

Next planned updates will add: -New materials

                                                        - Other metroid Upgrades



Also added new Tameable Metroids, you can mutate a wild Metroid egg (found in structures in Metroid Lairs) in a new block called Metroid Modificator with Acid and a Varia Dross to obtain a Tameable Metroid egg. Once hatched they need to kill entities to increse their level and grown into adults.                                                  


Hope you like it!  I'll love to hear feedback!

Curseforge link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/klsts-metroid

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Also also most sound effects are ripped from Metroid Prime I and III, so credit to Retro Studios and Team Ninja for making the games and to knarkleo and Unknowni123 for ripping the sounds.


Modification files
klsts_metroid_0.1.0.jar - First versionUploaded on: 09/19/2021 - 18:10   File size: 1.79 MB
klsts_metroid_0.2.0.jar - Zeta Metroid and Gravity Suit UpdateUploaded on: 12/07/2021 - 18:52   File size: 3.2 MB
klsts_metroid_mod_0.3.0.jar - 1.18.2 updateUploaded on: 10/10/2022 - 17:31   File size: 4.06 MB
klsts_metroid_mod_0.4.0.jar - Phazon UpdateUploaded on: 12/21/2022 - 16:02   File size: 6.38 MB

0.3.0 (1.18.2)

This version is built from scrach, my pc died and I lost all data. So there are a lot of differences in this new version.

-Reworked Brinstarian Woods in to Chozo Ruins

-Added new Nether Biome Metroid Lairs (Metroids now spawn in structures in this biome)

-Added new entities: Bountyhunters and Zombie Bountyhunters. Spawn nearby villagers/zombies and can be used to trade/cure them.

-Added new liquids: Acid and Dark Water.

-Added Tameable Metroids

-Added skins to the Power/Varia/gravity suits as new materials:Denzium, Retro Varium and Bendezium

-Added new mini-boss: Chozo Ghosts (spawn in a big Sky Temple in Chozo Ruins)

-Added new Special Enchantments (colored in yellow) (not obteinable by trading nor looting) dropped by Chozo Ghosts.

-Added Storm Missiles

-Added new structures

-Added new blocks and items.

-Enhanced Alpha Metroids strats and attacks

-[Working on] Gamma and Zeta Metroids. They will have an improved battle, with new moves and strats

-[Removed] Pirate Steel



-Added more pages to the Guide

-Re-Added Gamma Metroids, with new AI and attacks

-Added Dark, Super and Phazon Metroids

-Added Super Tameable Metroids

-Added a new underground biome: Phazon Mines

-Added a new Dimension: Phaaze

-Added new materials and toolsets: Phazite, Phazon

-Added two new wood sets. Red Bristarian and Blueroot

-Replaced Chozo Ruins dirt with Craterian Mycelium

-Added new Chozo Containers: Water, Lava, Powder Snow, Milk and Brute Phazon

-Added new entities: Zoomers, Geemers, Corrupted Space Pirates, Phazon Blobs, Phazon Puffers, Phazon Humanoids, Heat Puffers and Firefleas

-Added new mecanic: Reserve Tanks

-Added  a lot of new items, blocks and structures

i am in love with this mod.
the biome generations, structures- TEXTURES?? oh don't even get me started on how good this is-
10/10 you get my upvote.