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Futurism is a sci-fi mod that adds stuff from the near-future and somewhat distant future.

Explore a world of new machines, while flying around in rocket boots.


Notable features:

Rocket Boots


Quantum Teleporters


But that's not all! Futurism is still being updated, and, while right now it only supports 1.12, it might support other versions in the future.


It adds 3 new crafting tables - the Crusher, to crush/flatten objects, the Grinder, to mince objects such as gold foil, and the Extractor to extract scarce and valuable resources from what's otherwise junk.

It also adds an automatic Chicken farm in a block, which produces eggs and raw chicken (albeit very slowly), and an automatic farm block, which is expensive, and requires refilling with water every so often.

More, of course, is to come to this mod, as it is in development.


There's also a new dimension. To get to it, build a nether portal out of Uranium and use the Bionic Flint and Steel to light it.


Notable considered features for next update:


A new type of tree

"Bionic" farmer, a block that can regrow parts of Bionic trees that uses liquid crystals instead of water

A new liquid type

"Combination Station", to combine helmets and such (though Hybrid Boots will remain a crafting table recipe)

Crafting Manual:


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Futurism 1.2.0.jarUploaded on: 02/13/2022 - 15:23   File size: 699.21 KB

This mod got taken down and I put it back up, while fixing what I'm most confident caused it to be taken down.
Mods, if you have any issue with this mod again, please let me know as I am seriously confused.