Starwars Mod V.1.3.0

Published by codyfilms on Thu, 12/17/2015 - 21:50
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Hello everyone, Cody here with another mod....THE STARWARS MOD!!! yes...yes, we're all exited for the new release of americas favorite si-fi show Starwars: The Force Awakens.

This mod adds in 33 weapons, 10 armors, 3 generated structures , and 3 dimentions.


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All Lightsabers do 14 damage and can 1 shot a creeper with a critical hit.

  • Blank Lightsaber

  • Red Lightsaber

  • Blue Lightsaber

  • Green Lightsaber

  • Orange Lightsaber

  • Purple Lightsaber

  • Pink Lightsaber

  • Black Lightsaber

  • Yellow Lightsaber

  • Rainbow Lightsaber

(sorry its so small) click ctl and scroll forwards to zoom in on it.

Double Lightsabers

 All Double Lightsabers do 18 damage and can 1 shot a creeper with a critical hit.

  • White Double Lightsaber

  • Red Double Lightsaber

  • Blue Double Lightsaber

  • Green Double Lightsaber

  • Orange Double Lightsaber

  • Purple Double Lightsaber

  • Black Double Lightsaber

  • Pink Double Lightsaber

  • Yellow Double Lightsaber

  • Rainbow Double Lightsaber

(sorry its so small) click ctl and scroll forwards to zoom in on it.


 All Tri-Lightsabers do 22 damage and can 1 shot a creeper.


  • White Tri-Lightsaber

  • Red Tri-Lightsaber

  • Blue Tri-Lightsaber

  • Green Tri-Lightsaber

  • Orange Tri-Lightsaber

  • Purple Tri-Lightsaber

  • Black Tri-Lightsaber

  • Pink Tri-Lightsaber

  • Yellow Tri-Lightsaber

  • Rainbow Tri-Lightsaber

(sorry its so small) click ctl and scroll forwards to zoom in on it.

  • Laser Pistol (PewPew) shoots lasers as ammo


lasers can be made with 2 redstone.

  • Jedi Force

Send Mobs Flying!!!

  • Sith Force

Send Mobs Flying!!!


  • Stormtrooper Armor

  • Darth Vader Armor

  • Boba Fett Armor

  • Kylo Ren Armor

  • Jedi Robe

  • Sith Robe

  • Captain Phasma Armor

  • C3PO Armor

  • Chewbacca Armor

  • Imperial Guard Armor

Armor are just vanity item, they have little protection.


  • X-wing (no special purpose)

  • AT-ST (no special purpose)

  • Moister Farm (spawns on tatoonie)

VERY RARE (found 1 but it blew up from bed...)


  • Tatoonie (make portal out of sandstone, lighter is 1 iron and 1 sandstone)

  • Hoth (make portal out of packed ice, lighter is1  iron and 1 packed ice)

  • Mustafar (Make Portal Out of Lava Stone[cobblestone+netherack], lighter is lavastone and iron)



Modification files
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one other thing you missed out the double well u might of found the texture hard and try the tri lightsaber used in the next film!

Not bad. Bit empty, with not much of a goal, but otherwise nice textures. And you got the dimensions to feel like the real planets. Try adding some structures to the dimensions.

@#3.1 This isn't a problem with YOUR mod but rather with MINE, i have a friend who REALLY enjoys star wars and bananas, so one of the items in my mod I'm creating is a bananas that conducts a force push. My problem is i can find out how to make this item do so on an event and don't know where to start.
Get back to me when you can.

Great mod! You beat me to it, and added a ton of really cool stuff. Nice job committing to the mod and the idea behind it!