Compressing The Diamonds

Published by Fofogoo on Mon, 01/24/2022 - 18:41
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This mod is all about changing items into others so you don't have to grind for all those annoying things you need to get for other mods. This mod only allows you to "compress" and "refine" certain VANILLA items. Do not think that with this mod you can create other things only available in specific mods. 
Besides that this mod is compatible with basically any mod. JEI will show some of the recipes, but not all of them. This is not a bug, there's just no crafting recipe for these items.

Side note: This mod was originally made just to turn coal into diamonds because their molecular construction is made out of the same atom, so I thought it would be nice if we were able to turn coal into diamonds.

These items are:
- Diamond Speck

- Chromatic Substance

- Charged Chromatic Substance


To obtain Diamond speck, right-click with dense coal on a magma block adjacent to still lava.

To obtain Chromatic Substance, right-click with a diamond cluster in your off-hand and a refined diamond in your main-hand while standing in water (or rain) in the REFINANCE dimension.

To obtain Charged Chromatic Substance, right-click with chromatic substance on a redstone block adjacent to still water.


The Operator & Modules (Operation Boards):
To run the operator you need to specify its converting recipe with a module. These modules can be crafted using empty cards and some diamond shards (Tier 1 needs Diamond Shards, Tier 2 needs Diamonds, Tier 3 needs Refined Diamonds and Tier 4 needs Charged Chromatic Substance.) You can recognize a module by its description.
For example, the Coal to Diamond Speck Module says "Coal to Diamond Speck" in its description.
The higher the tier of a module gets, the better its converting recipe becomes.
(Jei does not support the recipes in the Operator)

The Refinance:

The Refinance is a dimension that you cannot enter through a portal. Instead, you need to obtain 2 items, a Nether Star and a Refined Diamond.
You need to hold the Nether Star in your off-hand (as if it were to power the refined diamond) and the Refined Diamond in your main-hand.
When you right-click, you will teleport to The Refinance. This doesn't consume any items. (To leave this dimension, just do the same thing)
Inside this dimension, you'll be given the Refined effect. While this effect is applied, you can craft Chromatic Substance.


Unbreakable Tools:

You can craft Unbreakable Tools by applying Charged Chromatic Substance to your diamond tools in a smithing table. These tools have the same stats as Diamond tools, only they're, well, unbreakable.


The Main Goal:

This mod is purely made to be used inside mod packs. Playing this mod on its own is possible, however, the goal might change. Together with insanely hard mods, this mod is useful to get those items that are annoying to get (those items being Netherite, Nether Stars and Diamonds). So when you only installed this mod, the goal would be to obtain the last (possible) cards, being the Tier 4 cards which are very nice (and expensive). Together with insanely hard mods (which also happen to allow you to obtain bedrock), The goal is to make the last card of Tier Virus. This Virus card transforms Dragon Eggs into Bedrock.


Why should I install this mod?

If you are looking for a mod to improve your vanilla Minecraft, I wouldn't recommend this mod. If you are looking for a mod that you are (planning) to play together with at least JEI and some other mods, I highly recommend this mod.
HOWEVER, If you want to play vanilla Minecraft and you just want a mod to make things easier, I do recommend this mod. Don't want to mine for diamonds and just turn Coal into Diamonds? Then this is just the mod for you.


The only piece of information you're probably looking for:

This mod does not require any other mods at all, no libraries or API's, just this mod and forge client. (although I still recommend using jei)

Modification files
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Latest Updates:

Added 7 new items

Added biomes for The Refinance

Added Refinance Wolf for the curseforge page