Ancient Engineering

Published by aditigro on Mon, 07/23/2018 - 12:33
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This mod adds gadgets, robots, missiles, guns and more to help you in your adventure.

This mod is not being updated anymore!

Guardians and Defence Robots

Guardians are meele friendly mobs that attack most vanilla agressive mobs.


They are classified by Tier and Material. Here is a tables of the stats for each class:

Tier/Material Iron Gold Diamond
Tier 1 10 30 50
Tier 2 20 60 100
Tier 3 40 120 200
Attack Strenght
Tier/Material Iron Gold Diamond
Tier 1 1 3 5
Tier 2 2 6 10
Tier 3 4 12 20


To spawn these Guardians you right-click on a Guardian Factory with the proper material.

Guardian Factoryes are the blocks wich you spawn the Guardians with. They give the tier of your Guardian.

The Turret and the Drone


Both Turret and Drone are ranged friendly mobs that attack most vanilla agressive mobs. Unlike the Guardians, these robots don't wander around searching for enemies.

While the Turret cannot move, the Drone only follows the player when it holds the Remote. These Robots can be obtained from the Assembly Table.

The Assembly Table is a block in wich you can assemble robots.

The Robot Remote is an item wich makes all robots follow you.


Machine Gun has 1000 uses, 5 power, 3 damage, 0 knockback and uses Iron Nuggets for ammo.

Flametrower has 1000 uses, 0,7 power, 0 damage, 0 knockback, uses blaze powder for ammo and sets mobs on fire.

Rocket Launcher has 1000 uses, 1 power, 0 damage, 0 knockback, uses Rockets for ammo and launches explosive projectiles.

Party Gun has 1000 uses, 0,8 power, 0 damage, 0 knockback, uses Energy for ammo and projectiles spawn many particles (but no lag).

Plasma Gun has 1000 uses, 2 power, 10 damage, 1 knockback, uses Plasma for ammo and launches explosive projectiles.

Shotgun has 1000 uses, 3 power, 30 damage, 3 knockback and uses Iron Ingots for ammo.

Sniper has 1000 uses, 100 power, 3 damage, 0 knockback, uses Iron Nuggets for ammo and enables the ability to snipe by pressing Y.

Laser Gun has 1000 uses, 8 power, 5 damage, uses Energy for ammo and sets mobs and blocks on fire.

Gadgets and Fusion Table

Fusion Table is a machine used to fuse gadgets of the same type to create more advanced technology.

*Fusion recipes are shapeless*

Speed Boots are a better alternative to Iron Boots since they give Speed when equipped.

Spring Boots are a better alternative to Iron Boots since they give Jump Boost when equipped.

Night Vision Helmet is a better alternative to Iron Helmet since it gives Night Vision when equipped.

Underwater Helmet is a better alternative to Iron Helmet since it gives Water Breathing when equipped.

Rabbit Boots are the fusion between Speed Boots and Spring Boots so they give both Speed and Jump Boost when equipped.

Advanced Underwater Helmet is the fusion between Underwater Helmet and Night Vision Helmet su it gives both Water Breathing and Night Vision when equipped.

Camo Armor is a better alternative for leather armor since it grants Invisibility.

Bulletproof Body is a custom body that absorbs 25 damage, has 7 damage, 1 toughness, 12 enchantability and comes pre-enchanted with Projectile Protection 100.


Missile Control Panel is a machine used to launch Missiles at set coordinates. Depending on the missile's tier, the explosion can be bigger or smaller.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Radius 5 Radius 8 Radius 14

*The rocket explosion has a radius of 4, while the plasma one has aradius of 2*

*The blast radius in the air of an explosion is 10.2 for charged creepers, 6.9 for TNT, 5.1 for creepers and 1.5 fireballs.*

Upgrading a Missile Head to the next tier

Redstone Convertor is a machine used to convert Redstone Dust into Energy.

Warning: all the Redstone Dust in the input slot is converted at once.

*Energy can also be obtained by smelting Redstone Dust*

Redstone Cooker is a machine used to cook vanilla food instantly using 1 Energy per item.

Redstone Furnace is a machine used to smelt vanilla blocks and items using energy.

Block/Item Smelted Cobblestone Sand Iron Ore Gold Ore Clay Bucket of Lava
Block/Item Result Stone Glass Iron Ingot Gold Ingot Brick Plasma
Energy per Block/Item Smelted 5 5 5 5 2 10


Smoke Machine is a machine that spawns smoke particles in a flat shape.

Smoke Column Machine is a machine that spawns smoke particles in a tube shape.

Drills are better than pickaxes but are also more expensive.

Material Uses Efficiency Pickaxe Efficiency Enchantability Damage
Iron 1000 10 6 2 5
Gold 100 30 10~12 2 5
Diamond 4000 4(bug) 8 20(bug) 5

*The other material drills are crafted like the iron one but with other material head*

Decorative blocks
Mecanical Lamp is a block that produces light without Coal and/or Glowstone. It comes in 3 tiers.

Tier 1 Lightness: 40% of Lava
Tier 2 Lightness: 60% of Lava
Tier 3 Lightness: 100% of Lava

Rainbow Block is a block with animated texture and 100% of Lava's lightness.

Rainbow Lamp is a block with animated texture(color changing) and 100% of Lava's lightness.

Ground Fireworks are uncollidable blocks that spawn particles.

Other Recipes


Modification files
AncientEng1.3.5(1.12.2).jar - 1.3.5 - 1.12 (Latest Version)995.23 KB
AncientEng1.3.0(1.12).jar - 1.3.0 - 1.12929.51 KB
AncientEng1.2.0(1.12).jar - 1.2.0 - 1.12796.16 KB
AncientEng1.1.0(1.12).jar - 1.1.0 - 1.12746.4 KB

1.0.0 : Mod created

1.1.0 - The Power Update :

  • [Bug Fix] Rocket exploded on launch
  • Added drills - much better than pickaxes but also more expensive
  • When holding a gun without ammo in inventory a message appears on the screen saying: "No Ammo"
  • Added redstone convertor - converts redstone into energy
  • Added redstone cooker - uses energy to instantly cook vanilla food

1.2.0 - The Party Update :

  • Added party gun
  • Added smoke machine
  • Added ground fireworks - fire, ender, redstone, smoke
  • Added party bomb
  • Added smoke column machine

1.3.0 - The Advanced Warfare Update:

  • "No Ammo" overlay now specifies the ammo required
  • Added "No Ammo" overlay for Party Gun
  • Added Obsidian Glove
  • Added Redstone Furnace
  • Added Plasma
  • Added Plasma Gun
  • Added warning overlays for Rocket Launcher, Laser and Plasma Gun
  • Renamed "Aditigro's Ancient Engineering Mod" tab to "Ancient Engineering"
  • Added "Ancient Engineering - Guns" tab
  • Added Laser Gun
  • Added Shotgun
  • Added Sniper(press y to snipe)
  • Added Magnifying Glass
  • Added Night Vision Glass
  • Added Glow Glass
  • Added Bulletproof Body
  • Added Camo Armor
  • Added Heavy Iron
  • Added Recipes for Ground Fireworks
  • Changed Ground Firework - Redstone texture
  • Added Recipes for Smoke Machines
  • Added Recipe for Missile Control Panel

1.3.5 - The Bugfix Update:

  • [BugFix] Overlays no more show in creative mode (except warnings)
  • Changed Ground Fireworks - Smoke recipe
  • Changed Missile Control Panel recipe
  • Added Sniper overlay
  • Removed Party Gun and Party Bomb because they won't work in 1.8.0
  • Plasma Gun, Shotgun and Sniper no more shoot constantly on right click.
  • Changed Rocket Launcher recipe
  • Changed Shotgun recipe
  • Added Redstone Smelter recipe

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Concept is pretty good but the textures... No offense but they are SUPER BAD I’m really sorry. But I like this mod!

Very cool indeed, we could make a fusion, like an item that work only if my mod and yours are on, i know how to do that

I actually can't belive this is MOTW... And the downloads, they exploded. That's awesome!

P.S I know the textures are bad, I'm not good at pixelart.

Awsome, do you have discord, twitter, reddit or something else we could chat on? If you have any ideas for new mod elements you should know progress on this mod is currently paused (I'm working on another game at the moment) but I will gladly accept and implement any custom textures, models or sounds.