Published by ultrasquid on Sat, 12/22/2018 - 22:59
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welcome to electrosteel! technically this is a space mod, but it is not very serious. if you want something more serious, download galacticraft, or almost any other space mod. the main material of this mod is electrosteel. craft it with an iron ingot and some redstone. craft a portal frame with four electrosteel. light it with flint and electrosteel. flint and electrosteel can be crafted with 1-5 electrosteel and a peice of flint. 1 electrosteel gets you to space. build large space stations there. 2-4 electrosteel get you to different, funny planets. don't use five electrosteel to craft flint and electrosteel. you will get to where you don't want to go. and don't use pork instead of electrosteel, as you will discover my easter egg! do you want to discover and name cool new planets? do you want to build cool space stations? if you ansered no to both of those questions, then this mod is not for you.

Modification files
electrosteel (debugged).jar - click here to launch a missle at your house (just kidding)367.75 KB