Infinity Mod Seventh New Version

Published by Pedrodlc51 on Sun, 05/06/2018 - 18:46
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In development
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Blocks, Ores - Soul-StoneSand, Tesseract -Block, Vibranium Block, Aether, Orb.

Tools - Scepter, Mjølnir.

Items - Mind Stone, Reality Stone, Power Stone, Time Stone, Space Stone, Apple of Life, Adamantium.


Info -  By clicking the right button on each of the stones receives a potion effect each stone has "its" effects.

*Mjølnir - Press the right button and a thunder and an explosion, better to have a stone of infinity to dominate the Mjølnir.

*Scepter - Press Right-click Scepter and shoot a Stone of Infinity.

*Tesseract - With the block on the ground press the right button and release thunder.

*Apple of Life - Eat it and have absorption and regeneration.


Updates to come - 

*Adamantium Block

*Fix Aether

*Fix Orb

*Fix Tesseract