Rise of the Nether god

Published by Bl4aze on Thu, 11/23/2017 - 16:33
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When a special event happens and the world is recreated the realms of the nether and overworld they have seemed to cross over and damage the world biomes and new items and weapons and even monsters came out of the crust of the nether a unexplored place. new items and a few very special liquids will change the realms as we know it

I DID IT i was crying falling on the floor screaming im done! im done! yes the 1.4 update is officaly done the finisher its done im so happy the next mod will not be poison in fact the next 10! mods will not be poison but extensions to vanilla (Either very minor changes to gameplay or around 10 new items) say goodbye to nether god and hello to.... Miners! if you know in the mod there is a thing called the miner which will be included into the mod (All im gonna do is copy and paste lol only for the first one) but i have to say this was the most fun i have ever had making something for minecraft so much fun! MCR file will be avalible if you want to do some stuff (I ask you dont reupload the mod without adding things and making the title like Nether god addon or something)

. its time that the nether god rises the axes of elemental decide to combine and create the only thing powerful enough to kill the nether god and still live their life. The Axes put together create a weapons powerful enough to kill the great god of the sea and destroy the entire nether. Destroy the nether preserve the eternal life become a immortal gain the axes of power and make the ultimate weapon defeat the god of the nether so much  is needed to be done and only you can do it save the overworld save life as we know it and then take to the poison realm in a sequel to the rise of the nether god (Just some info wont be started after nether god i will work on some smaller mods).

I also want to provide a little bit of backstory into this mod so one day me and my friend are at school and we decide "Hey lets pretend play minecraft outside!" and we thought up this idea of a big world with a castle where great riches are and special mobs and we went on a adventure for those great riches but we kinda ended it there until the next grade game and we started it up again and then we made this thing about a poison world (Next update) and we had to go there because a witherstorm had gone crazy and started destroying the earth but we found  out we were trapped in this realm and with a very long adventure through puzzles and hard times we found the one who could help us the king which made us go through a hard challenge to get what we needed to defeat the storm he came with us to defeat this storm and conquer new realms in the middle of this we found the prisms which are already in the mod and many pets which will soon be added. but back to the main story the king came back and  a super wither was in front and we killed it but i didnt my friend did i was being taken over by a illusion god which creates a dream where everything looks real but its not and the only way to kill it is to kill it in your dreams. and where we are now is heading to the grand master of illusion temple where we will see the first of the grand master which will be added soon! and if you read this all thank you

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