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Electrona is my first Tech mod. It first began when I wanted to make a mod with energy, solar panels, batteries, ...
Then I expanded it, making more and more generators and machines, more useful items and armors.
I also wanted to make cleaner GUIs that are more representative of what Electrona is about: a clean mod.


Electrona can work with Machineria, a mod by Hidan.
The EL Converter can convert ELs into VPs and into FE (Forge Energies)
Electrona also work with Patchouli Books. The Electronic Tablet gives you many informations about blocks, machines and custom recipes.
WARNING : Patchouli Books have been dropped since r1.2 version, so use the website instead.

Special Thanks

People who helped me making this mod are below the description, but I wanted to make special thanks to :
- Aixiis (alias super_cube4) for helping design the first GUIs that defined and still define Electrona.
- BananOgato (alias Darklaime) for helping designing things for this mod and being a good texturer.
- Fredzik22 (alias Fredzik) who is also a good texturer of the mod.

Modification files
Electrona-1.16.5-r2.1.jar - Electrona-1.16.5-r2.1Uploaded on: 05/31/2021 - 18:44   File size: 2.16 MB
Electrona-1.17.1-r2.2.jar - Electrona-1.17.1-r2.2Uploaded on: 12/10/2021 - 15:30   File size: 2.16 MB
electrona-1.17.1-r2.3.jar - Electrona-1.17.1-r2.3Uploaded on: 02/23/2022 - 17:22   File size: 2.14 MB
Electrona-1.17.1-r2.4.jar - Electrona-1.17.1-r2.4Uploaded on: 03/08/2022 - 16:34   File size: 2.14 MB

Version a0.9:
- Added Solar Panel (Tiers 1)
- Added Solar Panel (Tiers 2)
- Added Battery
- Added Portable Battery
- Added Water Turbine
- Added EL Converter
- Added Tin Ore
- Added Tin Ingot
- Added Steel Ingot
- Added Motor
- Added Paddle
- Added Heat Generator
- Added Steel Block
- Added Compressor
- Added Steel Plate
- Added Machine Casing
- Added Tin Plate
- Added Electronic Circuit
- Added Hammer
- Added Teleporter
- Added Teleport Saver
- Added XP Generator
- Added Compressed Obsidian
- Added Biomass Generator
- Added Tin Block
- Added Advanced Totem of Undying
- Added advancement "A Whole New World!"
- Added advancement "Machinator!"
- Added advancement "Generator!"
- Added French translation
- Added Chinese translation (50%)
- Added German translation
- Added Swedish translation (50%)

Version r1.0:
- Added advanced tooltip for the Converter GUI (arrow)
- Added advanced tooltip for the XP Generator GUI (biggest green bottle)
- Added advancement "New Tools!"
- Added Blue Cables (transfer energy from battery to machines)
- Added Cables (transfer energy from generators to batteries and machines)
- Added Steel Tools
- Added Swedish translation (100%)
- Added tag 'forge:ingots/steel` for more compatibility between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/machines' for more compatibility between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/machines_all' for more compatibility between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/cable' for more compatibility between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/blue_cable' for more compatibility between mods
- Corrected Swedish language
- Modified GUI of the EL Converter
- Modified GUI of the Teleporter
- Modified tag `forge:ingotTin` into `forge:ingots/tin` for more compatibility between mods
- Technical changes for generators
- Started JEI implementation for Compressor's recipes
- Bugfix [ER02] : The "true" and "false" texts aren't in red in the EL Converter's GUI.

Version r1.0.1:
- Completed JEI implementation for Compressor's recipes
- Bugfix [ER03] : In normal worlds, Solar Panels didn't work, even with sky access.

Version r1.0.2:
- Bugfix [ER04] : JEI appears to be required instead of optional.

Version r1.1:
- Added Advanced Totem of Undying functionality
- Added Anti-Radiation suit
- Added Biomass Cell
- Added Concentrated Uranium
- Added Cooler
- Added effect Radioactivity
- Added Empty Cell
- Added Enchantment "Lumberjack" (only for Steel Axe)
- Added Enchantment "Smelting" (only for Steel Pickaxe)
- Added Enchantment "Thundering" (only for Steel Axe)
- Added Enchantment "Veinminer" (only for Steel Pickaxe)
- Added Lava Cell
- Added Nuclear Generator Controller
- Added Pump
- Added Purificator
- Added Purified Uranium
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/has_water_tank' for more compatibiliy between mods
- Added tag 'forge:electrona/ores' for more compatibility between mods
- Added Steel Crate
- Added Sugar Bottle
- Added Uranium Bar
- Added Uranium Dual Bar
- Added Uranium Ore
- Added Uranium Quad Bar
- Added Water Cell
- Added Water Pump
- Added Yellow Cake
- Added FE support (for EL Converter and for new Creative Generator)
- Added full Swedish translation and abandoned Chinese translation
- Modified description of the Portable Battery to get the power as an int, not as a double
- Modified some element's place in creative tabs
- Modified some recipes (Water Turbine, Heat Generator, Biomass Generator)
- Modified Steel Plate's texture
- Modified Tin Plate's texture
- Modified XP Generator's GUI
- Optimized and added more JEI support
- Removed Items and Compressor categories from Patchouli Support
- [ES#03] : Changed Battery's model and texture
- [ES#04] : Added Creative Generator
- [ES#05] : Added Nuclear stuff
- Bugfix [ER01] : When used in a craft, the hammer doesn't loose its durability.
- Bugfix [ER05] : Input and output slots of the Battery and EL Converter did not work.

Version r1.2:
- Added advancement "I Am... Inevitable!"
- Added Block of Lead
- Added Blocks and Ores (Tin, Steel and Lead) to forge tags for more compatibility between mods
- Added Conveyor
- Added Dimension Linker
- Added Emitter
- Added gamerule "doBlackholesExist" to true by default
- Added Gold Powder
- Added Lead Armor
- Added Lead Crate
- Added Lead Door
- Added Lead Ingot
- Added Lead Ore
- Added Mechanic Wings
- Added Mining Machine
- Added Singularity (expends as a Black Hole, can be stopped with blocks tagged as "forge:electrona/stops_black_hole" and has 25% chance to spawn when a Nuclear Generator Controller explodes)
- Added sound "block.biomass_generator.active" for the Biomass Generator
- Added sound "block.compressor.compression_end" for the Compressor
- Added sound "block.purificator.purification" for the Purificator
- Added sound "block.nuclear_generator_controller.alert" for the Nuclear Generator Controller
- Added Sprayer
- Added tag "forge:electrona/stops_black_hole" for more compatibility between mods
- Added Villager profession Engineer. The Engineer has its own house that spawns in villages. It sells items from Electrona that you can't craft (Wireless Booster, Emitter, Conveyor and Mining Machine)
- Added Wireless Booster
- Modified Advancements "goal" into "task" (except for "I Am... Inevitable!")
- Modified Anti-Radiation Suit recipes (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots)
- Modified Cable and Blue Cable recipes
- Modified effect duration for the Advanced Totem of Undying
- Modified element's order in creative tabs
- Modified "Gold Road": you can't smelt Gold Ore anymore, you need to purify it into Gold Powder and then, blast the Gold Powder into Gold Nugget to craft a Gold Ingot)
- Modified NGC energy handling (it is considered as generator and only normal cable can extract its energy)
- Modified Radioactivity effect handling (effect now applies to entities around the player with radioactive item)
- Modified tag "forge:biomass" (added more biomass)
- Modified Teleporter handling (dimension change with the Dimension Linker)
- Modified XP Generator function (less time to generate 1 XP Level)
- Modified material and block sound for the Cable, the Blue Cable and the Teleporter
- Modified model and texture for the Nuclear Generator Controller and the Steel Crate
- Tweeked resistance and hardness for all blocks
- Bugfix [ER06] : When overpowered, Nuclear Generator Controller did not explode
- Bugfix [ER07] : Empty cell did not fuel when right clic on water or lava

Version r2.0:
- Added advanced tooltip for the Purificator GUI (thermometer)
- Added advancement "A New Mechanic!"
- Added advancement "Leader!"
- Added advancement "Master Engineer!"
- Added advancement "SkyHigh!"
- Added advancement "Unlocked Potential!"
- Added advancement "We Have Work To Do!"
- Added advancement "Your First Compression!"
- Added custom event "CompressionEvent" for dependency
- Added custom event "NuclearExplosionEvent" for dependency
- Added custom event "PurificationEvent" for dependency
- Added custom event "TeleporterUseEvent" for dependency
- Added gamerule "doNuclearBombsExplode"
- Added new engineer house for Snowy biome
- Added new explosion system for the Nuclear Generator Controller and the Nuclear Bomb
- Added Nuclear Bomb
- Added Portable Teleporter
- Added Radioactive Dirt
- Added tag "forge:electrona/generators"
- Added tag "forge:electrona/steel_tools"
- Added tag "forge:electrona/water_cable"
- Modified tag "forge:electrona/has_water_tank"
- Added Water Cable
- Complete rewrite of the code
- Modified Advancement's global tree and background
- Modified Cable and Blue Cable (they now have custom model and you take damage if you touch them while they aren't correctly connected)
- Modified Compressor's and Purificator's recipes (it is now possible for modmakers and datapack makers to make their own compression and purification recipes thanks to the new json system)
- Modified Enchantments Thundering and Smelting. They now make the tool loose durability depending on the Unbreaking enchantment.
- Modified the list of warm biomes the Heat Generator auto-generates energy in.
- Renamed "Anti-Matter" particles into "Dark Matter" particles
- Technical changes for the Cooler, the Empty Cell, the Heat Generator, the Nuclear Generator Controller, the Singularity and the Water Turbine.
- Bugfix [ER08] : Missing translations
- Bugfix [ER09] : Engineer houses did not spawn

Version r2.1:
- Added Chardwood Log
- Added Cosmic Gem
- Added custom event EntityStruckByEnergeticLightningEvent for dependency
- Added Energetic Lightning Bolt
- Added Energetic Lightning Rod
- Added Geiger Pointer
- Added Gravitonium
- Added Gravitonium Block
- Added Gravitonium Ore
- Added Gravitor
- Added Gravity Device
- Added languages (Chinese, Polish, Russian and Turkish)
- Added Nuclear Biome
- Added portal particles on teleportation
- Added Radioactive Fallout particles
- Added Radioactive (Tall) Grass
- Added Radioactive Zombie
- Added Ruins structures
- Added sound block.water_pump.pump
- Added tag forge:panes that gathers all panes blocks
- Modified Dark Matter particles
- Modified Engineer's snowy house
- Modified Nuclear Bomb's blast radius and function (Near biomes are changed into Nuclear Biome)
- Modified Nuclear Generator Controller's GUI
- Modified Purificator's model and texture
- Modified Singularity's renderer and function
- Modified textures of Anti-Radiation Suit, Biomass Cell, Conveyor, Electronic Circuit, Emitter, Empty Cell, Lava Cell, Lead Armor, Lead Door's item, Portable Teleporter, Singularity, Solar Panels, Water Cell and Wireless Booster.
- Reorganized and fixed the sound system
- Technical changes for the Nuclear Explosion and the Portable Teleporter

Version r2.2:
- Updated Electrona to last Forge version (1.17.1-37.1.1)
- Added Energy Analyzer
- Added Raw Lead and Raw Tin to match new vanilla ore handling
- Removed Gold Powder

Version r2.3:
- Modified Mining Machine's GUI
- Modified Nuclear Bomb's GUI
- Modified Nuclear Generator Controller's GUI
- Modified Purificator's GUI
- Modified Sprayer's GUI
- Technical changes for Gravity system
- Technical changes for some models
- Bugfix [ER11] : Potential error where water tanks weren't saved

Version r2.4:
- Code changes and some bug fixes
- Improved performances of Energetic Lightning Bolt generation
- Improved performances of ResourceLocation keys

great machines. gui. How did you do them? They look so beautiful. My mind was flying really.

The textures of the GUIs are automatically created by MCreator. The people who helped me to design the GUIs and I just opened the .png files of the GUIs in a image editor (photoshop, GIMP, paint.net, ...)

Man, I asked you a few times for like 5 GUIs you told me you never had the time to make them.
I have record of all our DM conversation when I asked you to make the Teleporter GUI, and to remake the Tablet GUI, the Battery GUI and the Purificator GUI but you did not wanted to. I also asked you for your 3D system (I think you did not even tried after all) and most of the GUIs aren't from you.
Having a base design is good but the most important is about how to place elements. Considering I also did a lot of code inside the GUIs, I think that thanking all the people who helped me + putting their names as crew members is good enough.