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Hello! I decided to make a mod with a new dimension:The Moon!

To go to the Moon you need some things!I'm going to make a video,but if you are going to see the crafting recipes you need the NOT ENOUGH ITEMS!

First,you need 12 or 16 Take-Off Blocks,build a portal frame and use a Rocket to Moon to ignite the portal.

In the Moon there are 2 mobs:

  • METEORITE Creeper- VERY DANGEROUS(has 25 health and a high atack damage)!It's drop is a Meteoric iron ore(you can make Meteoric iron nugget melting it in a furnace and make a Meteoric iron ingot putting 4 nuggets in a crafting table).
  • LUNAR Chicken- It is a friendly mob.It's drop is a-a-a-a...Raw Lunar chicken and a Untreated Lunar diamond(RANDOM POSSIBILITY- 5%),you can make a Lunar diamond melting it in a furnace and a Lunar diamond Ingot putting 2 Lunar diamonds in a crafting table.

In this mod there are 2 armor/tool sets:

  • METEORIC IRON Set- IT IS BETTER THAN DIAMOND SET!The sword has +13 attack damage.There are a Meteoric iron bow(with Meteoric iron arrows)shots very fast and the ARROWS ARE EXPLOSIVE!
  • LUNAR DIAMOND Set- IT IS BETTER THAN METEORIC IRON SET!The sword has +19 attack damage.

There are some other things in this mod,so you can test all this things if you download this mod!


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Dude! I think ur coppying Micdoodle8 and his galacticraft mod!