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Please note that this IS NOT the finished version of this mod, I am only posting it so that I can get feedback on the mechanics and visual style of the mod. That being said, everything necessary for the current progression through the mod has been implemented, as well as a basic form of ore doubling. Enjoy :)


Basic and advanced forms of charging cells - used to power varying tiers of machines.

Chunks of ore material - obtained through the use of a Purifier. (this includes emerald and diamond, which are referred to as "Lattices")

Circuitry - a crafting material.

Hypercircuitry - an advanced crafting material.

Gear - a crafting material.

Molecular Slurry - obtained through deconstructing any item in an Enthric Hyperseparator.

Capsule - can be used to contain massive amounts of unstable energy.

Hypercube Capsule - the third tier of energy, needs the use of a Hypercube Realizer.

Bonded Iron Ingots and Nuggets - which is softer than normal Iron (and therefore not suited to tools or armor) yet is highly stable and can contain massive amounts of energy.

Bonded Gold Ingots and Nuggets - which is less conductive than normal gold (and therefore less suitable for circuitry) yet is much stronger and can maintain shape much better.

Bonded Gold Tools, are as strong as iron - yet as enchantable and fast as gold.

Bonded Gold Armor, is as protective as iron - yet as enchantable as gold.


Charger - takes redstone and a basic cell to charge it into the charged variant, or takes a redstone block and an advanced cell to charge it into the advanced charged variant.

Hypercube Realizer - takes an empty capsule and transforms it into a hypercube capslue. (needs a stabilized rift placed under it to work)

Purifier - purifies ore blocks into purified chunks (or lattices) that can be smelted into their ingot/gem/whatever. (takes basic cells as power, will give you the empty version back)

Hyperbonder - will take iron or gold ingots and turn them into bonded iron or gold. (takes basic cells as power, will give you the empty version back)

Enthric Hyperseparartor - will take any item provided and deconstruct it into two Molecular Slurry. (I strongly suggest you don't try to deconstruct Hypercube Capsules, as nothing good can come from releasing that much unstable energy) (takes advanced cells as power, will give you the empty version back)

Quantum Bond Constructor - will take three Molecular Slurry and convert it into the item you place in the yellow slot. (takes Hypercube Capsules as power, will give you empty capsules back)


Rift - will explode violently when placed, needs to be crafted into the stabilized version of itself.

Stabilized Rift - safe to place, must be under the Hypercube Realizer for it to work.

Bonded Iron and Gold blocks - works as beacon base


JEI - strongly recommended. (of course)

More pictures will be added once the mod has more content. (I have several more machines planned, any suggestions are welcome)

All machines have a fully functioning GUI.

I am rebuilding this mod from the ground up in 1.8.2 (so I can rework the balance and add new items fully integrated into mod progression), so don't expect an update soon. (I am working on it though)

Again, this mod is in early development, feel free to give me feedback :)

Modification files
Hypermechanics.jar - Hypermechanics 1.2348.41 KB
Hypermechanics1.0.jar - Hypermechanics 1.0235.74 KB


Added Bonded Gold and Iron blocks

Added Bonded Gold Armor set and Tools

Added Enthric Hyperseparator

Added Quantum Bond Constructor

Added Hypercircuitry

Added Molecular Slurry

Edited several recipes for balance

Added use for Hypercube capsules

Added use for Advanced Cells