The Mod of the Agonizer

Published by zerodrime on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 23:03
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I have been using MCREATOR quite a bit, but I've never actually uploaded anything. Well, now I am. The Mod of the Agonizer is a group mod, mainly by myself (Zérodrïme), Flamestrike2001, LitteHawkSimeon and Theagonizer22. The mod itself is mostly comprised of the three four dimensions (Overworld, Nether, End and the World of Agony) and a Boss to rule each: the Litte Hawk, the Inferno, Mysterius? and the Agonizer. When killèd, each of these Four drop a shard of precious Boss material: Air, Flame, Mystery and Agony. With the Shards, one can craft them into living, farmable crops to multiply and to make powerful artifacts including an armor set (the Boots of Air, the Greaves of Flame, the Chestplate of Mystery and the Helmet of Agony), swords and unique handheld cannons. Also, with one of each Shard, one can make the Ultimate Boss Sword!, with a high attack damage and a nice color schème. There are also various other miscellaneous and strange items including salt (which in fact is required to summon the Litte Hawk), Nethran equipment, corn, Painstone and also interesting beings known as Jeff the Potato and James the Carrot, useful for equipment (at least Jeff is. Don't bother with James). The latest version of the mod, 1.1.1 (also known as the Story Update), is called the Story Update due to the fact that the Four actually have their own stories of their past selves. Using record 11, special records can be crafted with the Shards which contain memories of the Four's past selves, who drop pages which can be crafted to make the journal of Dr. Flamestrike, which can have pages read by pressing 1, 3, 7 and 9 on the number pad. !!!!! DUE TO A BUG, EACH TIME MINECRAFT IS OPENED, THE KEY SETTINGS DO WEIRD THINGS, AND HAVE TO BE RESET. EVERY SINGLE TIME !!!!!


I also made a website for the mod (now goes to a generic site that links to the mod pages), used if you want the latest version (1.1.2 for MC1.8.8) and more stuff:

Modification files
!!AgonizerMod_v1.1.1.jarUploaded on: 11/05/2015 - 23:03   File size: 634.41 KB

I forgot to mention that the mod also has languages in UK English, pirate speak and Esperanto. There are as well addons that are downloadable from the website, with assorted material, including the uranium and nuclear bomb you see in the image.