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The Mod of the Agonizer is a mod created by 27dudek27sep27 (that's me!), Spudtsar, LitteHawkSimeon and Theagonizer22. The primary premise of the mod is adding nineteen new Bosses to the game (the original idea for the Four Great Bosses, as they were back then, was conceived Summer 2014) each bearing a Shard of Elemental power:

  1. The Litte Hawk, Boss of Air
  2. The Great Flame, Boss of Flame
  3. Phyn Mysterius?, Boss of Mystery?
  4. The Agonizer, Boss of Agony
  5. King Yelwisernguma (formerly the Golème), Boss of Radiation
  6. CCKM, Boss of Change
  7. The Old Man, Boss of Old Age
  8. Bryce the Terrible, Boss of Chlorophyll
  9. Brock the Awesome, Boss of Ice
  10. The Link, Boss of Electricity
  11. The Thymelord, Boss of Thyme
  12. The Charmer, Boss of Love
  13. The Jock, Boss of Athletics
  14. Hades, Boss of Death
  15. Hermes, Boss of Speed
  16. The Monk, Boss of Holiness
  17. The Milkman, Boss of Milk
  18. The Goth, Boss of Evil!
  19. The Quadcorn, Boss of Luridity

To spawn the Bosses, one must craft a Summonor (for example, the Shrine of Air is crafted with three iron blocks on the top row, two salt blocks in the rest of the middle column, and glass blocks in the remaining slots) and use it like a spawn egg to summon the Boss, which will begin to shoot his or her Shard at you (and at villagers too), affecting the victims with Elemental effects:

  • Air knocks the victim in the air and backwards
  • Flame lights the victim on fire
  • Mystery? flings the victim in the air in a random direction
  • Agony causes the victim to scream in pain while sustaining a special type of damage
  • Radiation gives the victim the radiation poisoning status effect (which can spread to nearby mobs)
  • Change changes the victim's health to a random level, and many animals' species and villager's professions (but not trades) are also changed
  • Old Age gives the victim the old age status effect, which causes among other things slowness and a lower max health value
  • Chlorophyll forces a grass block on the victim's head, knocking off anything that may have been being worn before, and if the victim is standing on grass, a hole 15 meters deep will be dug below the victim (the shaft still stops at obsidian and bedrock of course)
  • Ice renders the victim immobile and defenseless for a set period of time (but can still jump)
  • Electricity shocks the victim as if with lightning (sometimes even with lightning depending on the weather)
  • Thyme affects the victim's inventory, "uncooking" every item within; e.g. steak becomes raw beef, iron ingots become iron ore, etc.
  • Love puts animals in a breeding mood and also causes its victims to leap forward as if suddenly in love
  • Athletics gives the victim negative sweaty-like status effects such as mining fatigue, hunger, and a negative level of jump boost
  • Death most often gives the victim the old age status effect (and occasionally spawns ghosts above them), but will sometimes straight up kill the victim, as if with the /kill command
  • Speed gives the victim an extremely high level of the speed status effect, to the point of being highly inconvenient
  • Holiness gives the victim the levitation status effect
  • Milk affects the inventory of the victim similar to Thyme, except that items are "emptied", as in water buckets become buckets, signed books become plain books, etc.
  • Evil! turns villagers into zombie villagers, most animals into llamas, removes all positive status effects of the victim, and will on rare occurances completely remove all items from the victim's inventory (not like Milk, but like everything is gone forever)
  • Luridity forces the victim to wear full leather armor and gives the luridity status effect, which changes each piece of worn leather armor to a random color every tick. It's not pleasant on the eyes, sure, but since some other armor items are quite powerful, knocking them off can certainly be handy against certain foes

If a Boss is slain by a player, the Shard will be dropped. What next? Put the Shard in the crafting grid to create Boss Crops, which can be planted in dirt or grass and will grow upwards, with each block dropping nine Bits upon breaking. In the crafting grid, nine Bits naturally are used to craft a full Shard, but it is the Bits which are shot out of the Shards. One can also make Boss Blocks with nine Shards each that will affect those that walk upon them with power, at a stronger level than if they were shot by Shards. There are also Boss Pickaxes, for Boss Blocks can only be destroyed by a Pickaxe made of the same Element (or Clatt containing that Element, but more on that later). Boss Swords, made with a stick and two Shards, can be used to affect those that are stabbed by them with an even stronger Bossic power, along with sustaining 10 points of damage. Cue Palpatine's "unlimited power" gif ;)

Each Element also comes with another specialized Boss Weapon, with the nature of each one being different. Some stab, some shoot (those that do require Bits to shoot) and some are worn. Most also when used affect surrounding mobs with Elemental power as well. Use it wisely :) The Elements of the Great Four Bosses (Air, Flame, Mystery? and Agony) also each have an armor piece which when worn gives exceedingly great power: the Boots of Air give perpetual jump boost to a pleasing level, the Greaves of Flame provide constant fire resistance, the Chestplate of Mystery? gives the haste status effect (okay, that one's not all that great lol) and the Helmet of Agony endows the wearer with a constant absorption status effect, with a level giving a full extra row of yellow hearts. Given every tick, that means that the wearer cannot sustain any significant damage whatsoever unless that damage is over twenty points all. At. One. Time. For real! Here are a few details on all the other Bossic weapons:

  • The Cannon of Air shoots feather-like projectiles and squawk like the Litte Hawk
  • The Cannon of Flame shoots black skulls with bowties that explode upon impact
  • The Ring of Mystery? teleports the user fifty meters into the air while giving resistance long enough to survive the fall
  • The Agonizer's Mini-Gun... well it shoots arrows in a constant stream that agonize those poor victims
  • The Infused Iron Bucket is a bucket that is worn on the head, that gives some toughness, but only when it's raining. Otherwise you're literally wearing a bucket on your head
  • The ChangieBow shoots pizzas. Yup. Keep in mind that it can get messy eating or breaking them
  • The Walking Stick is a double-sized item that can be used to whack the whippersnappers to give them a taste of your exceeding age
  • Da Bat is a big stick that gives the one that is hit and those too close to the altercation a taste of Elemental Chlorophyll
  • The La Den Gaa is totally not a reference to anything. It can be used to make ice bridges and ice castles or whatever else it is you rebellious monarchs like to conjure up these days
  • The Energizer is a big ol' microchip that shoots light-a-ning!!!!!
  • The Thyme Bomb is a block that is placed and is primed with a Bit of Thyme, then explodes. It's not much right now, I'm afraid
  • The Hairgel is worn on the head to give yourself the Charmer's own hairdo! Also it affects all those nearby with Elemental Love
  • The Racket is essentially like the Sword of Athletics but more powerful and looks like some kind of sports equipment. Okay
  • The Necromantic Staff is another double-sized item that looks super cool and can do a whole lotta Death
  • The Psi Sai (get it? ^-^) is an inky psi-shaped sai that can either be a melee weapon or can be crafted with two feathers to make it throwable
  • The Nunchuks are used to whack people to make 'em float
  • The Big Bone Club is a huge ol' bone that can be used to whack people to make them wish they drank more milk (or at least orange juice) as a child
  • The Evil Spellbook! shoots Evil! spells. So creative of me XD
  • The Thing is the Quadcorn's head and it shoots the Quadcorn's head and the victims hear the Quadcorn sing and it's just not fun for anyone (except the wielder of the Thing)

But how can the player expect to not be affected by the supreme power he or she is dealing out to those ungrateful big-noses? It is now time to talk about Bossic Immunity. If a player has in the inventory at least one: Shard, Block, Crop, Sword or Weapon of any Element, that player is immune from the effects of that Element. Bits alone are not enough to provide immunity (Summonors aren't even made of Bossic Elements at all), and Bossic items that are wearable must be worn to provide their immunity. There are also three different ways to be immune to radiation poisoning, which means that while you can still have the effect and spread it to others, it can not be spread to you, nor harm you: 1.) wear a full set of infused iron armor (infused iron being crafted with one iron ingot surrounded by eight uranium ingots), 2.) wear the Infused Iron Bucket, no other armor required, 3.) have in your inventory Esmeralda, Dr. Flamestrike's girlfriend, which is a 50/50 drop from King Yelwisernguma.

Next up, Clatts! All but one of the 19 Bosses are part of a Boss group: the Great Four Bosses (the Litte Hawk, the Great Flame, Phyn Mysterius? and the Agonizer), the Heroic Bosses (CCKM and the Old Man), the Hungering Bosses (Bryce the Terrible and Brock the Awesome), the Bosses of Yore (the Link and the Thymelord), the Masculine Bosses (the Charmer and the Jock), the Mythological Bosses (Hades and Hermes) and the Parental Bosses (the Monk, the Milkman, the Goth and the Quadcorn). Clatts are basically super-Shards that are made by combining Shards of a Boss group. Clatts for those with two Elements are crafted with two of each Shard, and Clatts for those with four are crafted with one of each. Bearing a Clatt also makes you immune to all Elements that the Clatt is made of, and there are also Clatt pickaxes that can break blocks made of that Clatt and all Elements it contains. Plus, and this is the important part, all seven Clatts, when combined with the Shard of Radiation in the crafting table (since King Yelwisernguma is not part of a Boss group) creates the Shard of LORE, a most powerful Shard that grants immunity to all Elements, and the effect it gives is INSTANT KILL!

Also when affected by Elemental LORE while immune to LORE, items made from other Elements will sometimes change to (or from) Antielemental matter. The Antibosses and Antielements currently are a work in progress, but suffice it to say that while Boss Elements have harmful effects, Antiboss Elements are beneficial to their victims. Also a player can hold an Antibit while punching a mob and the effect will be given to the player!


For more information, including the lores we came up with from the mod, please visit my webpage at! There is still work to be done on it, and while that work may be slow, I will try my best to upload updates on here as well as on my website.


A how-to guide on reaching the World of Agony can now be found on

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I forgot to mention that the mod also has languages in UK English, pirate speak and Esperanto. There are as well addons that are downloadable from the website, with assorted material, including the uranium and nuclear bomb you see in the image.

Lol pay that stupid old comment no mind; this was back from when the other Bosses (other than the Great Four that is) were a part of separate MotA plugins, but now are all together in one file.