Mr.Onesie's battle guns

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Right now there are 5 guns more will come soon and I know there's better gun mods. right now there an Uzi a pistol and a AR. More will come soon. The small update is finally done the new weapons are an Ak-47 dessert eagle and a combat knife. My search history is filled about guns because i had to look up on damage the bullets and what the guns look like.Have fun messing around with the new guns.3 guns are automatic 2 are semi auto and 1 melee. I'm sorry i lost the mod on Mcreator it just gone when i load it up i srolled all  the way down it was not there. I looked in my files not there it's gone i don't know what happend. all that hours of  work is gone i had an update ready! I'm sorry people who were seeing the mod trying to be good. i did't even exported it update was sapost to be today.

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