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the death totem mod adding one item named "death totem" to use the item you need to right click on a block then it will activate the death totem , after you activated the totem and you are about to die you will teleport to the same block that you right clicked WARNING!!! if you are dying from an explosion the totem won't work

Modification files
DeathTotem 1.12.2.jarUploaded on: 12/10/2020 - 15:55   File size: 47.34 KB
DeathTotem 1.14.4_1.jarUploaded on: 12/30/2020 - 12:49   File size: 34.84 KB
DeathTotem 1.15.2_0.jarUploaded on: 12/31/2020 - 17:28   File size: 34.78 KB

supporting 2 new versions {1.14.4 and 1.15.2} including 1.12.2
the totem is not working now between dimensions if you enter a dimension the totem is going to reset :l

Interesting concept, but maybe (even knowing how rare are those materials) the recipe is cheap. You would probably need a boss or something. Also, you could make that if you mix on a crafting table the common totem and the death totem, it teleports you and the weakness effect disappears and is replaced with all effects the common totem gives.