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Uni-Cosmos is Back! Travel to the depths of the universe and handle the cosmic power in your hands. Get the strongest armor possible.

With the fusion of the Solar-Orb And the Void, get the Cosmic armor that the gods prohibited. Netherite infused weapons and armor in your control. Compress the diamonds for dust which is used for the Mystified Ore, better known by wizards as the 3.5 or the Petra Block.

See changelog for more info.

Thank You!

Modification files

Its the first Update.
Uni-Cosmos 1.1.0 is here.



This update fixes a bug where the Tetra Pickaxe could be used as a Multi-tool.
An update will come real soon (15 days or so) and between that a minor update may come. Stay Tuned for more info.
(Project Status updates every 30 days)