Slap Battles

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ALL CREDITS FOR MUSIC GO TO 'DM Dokuro", 'Desolo Zantas', AND 'Domyeah'

this mod is meant to be a low quality mod, so dont be surprised when seeing stuff about memes.


Slap battles is a mod based off of a popular roblox game called "Slap Battles"

This mod adds lots of cool gloves that give special effects

These gloves range in power and abilities

Most of these gloves have their recipe unlocked at the start, although a few will require some advancements to get.

The more powerful gloves get very buggy, so be careful with them and dont delete the enderdragon(I know the consequences).


Some gloves have passive abilities, which mean they are applied while being held. Others have active abilties, which are activated by right clicking while holding the glove.

Gloves with active abilities will have a cooldown, in this time, no active abilities can be used until the timer is up.

There are two ways to reduce the cooldown:

1: wait

2: die




The phase orb is a very rare item that has a chance to drop whenever something dies(including players)

It's used in a small amount of recipes, and right clicking will consume it, giving you the ability to craft the Phase glove.


Note: v2.4 is NOT the latest version, the highest version(as of now) is 4.0, located on the curseforge page found here

Modification files
SlapBattles 2.4.jar - Slap Battles v2.4Uploaded on: 03/18/2023 - 21:05   File size: 16.56 MB

v1.1- -added Whoa glove

-added some advancements, about half of them obtainable

v1.2- added 3 new badge gloves

-added STOP glove


-More badges are obtainable

-All gloves have recipes

v2.0- -added reaper

-added two new achievements/badges

-added gloveMusic gamerule(automatically set to false)

-added kills command(used for reaper and later killstreak)

v2.1- -fixed a... well its not a bug but two of the songs(reaper5/Blood coagulent and reaper10/open frenzy) had ads at the end

-made reaper and flex more expensive

-kills command now requires operator level 4 to use instead of none

v2.2- -gloves no longer cancel out damage or knockback

-added slight change to reaper "memento mori" phase transition to allow for hearing the audio over the advancement.

-added slight change to reverse' code.(Now reverses attack damage if the damage wasnt from a slap.)

-nerfed the "Time's Up" effect's blinding screen effect.

v2.3- -added Adios glove

-added Blocked glove

-added Shield glove

-reaper glove recipe is now obtained on spawn

-gloveMusic gamerule now defaults to true

-Reaper "Harbringer of Death" phase now gives a glow to nearby mobs

-Reaper "Memento Mori" phase also gives glow to nearby mobs, although the range is bigger and the glow is not given to mobs inflicted by Death's Touch

v2.4- -Swapper glove now works against all entities, however, you have to hit them first, then use the ability.

-/Kills command now sets your reaper phase according to the kill count.

v3.0- -added warp glove

-added bomb glove

-added killstreak

-advancements are now mostly visible

-more advancements made available 

-added more advancements

v3.1- -fixed annoying looking text that displays when cooldown and kills are visible

v4.0- -added error

-added Link

-added Chain

-added Rage

-added Jupiter

-added Moon

-added Bubble

-added potato

-added Slapple(glove)


-added slapple(food)

-added golden slapple(food)

-fixed conveyor

-buffed Adios

-added more advancements/badges

-removed some advancements :(

-made some advancements obtainable

-replaced /kills with /slapbattles:


/slapbattles (kills/cooldown) (target entity) (amount)


 -added new creative tab "Misc"


-Duelist now works against mobs, same way as swapper works.