Natural Projectiles

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Natural Projectiles

is a mod that makes many Vanilla items have the ability to either be thrown, launched, or darted! Who doesn't want to pick up a stick and throw it at a Zombie? Or crush some Cobblestone and throw those rocks at pigs?! With Natural Projectiles, many Vanilla things can become, well... a projectile!


Some basic items are:

- Pruning Shears (used for trimming thorns)

- Gripping Chalk (crafting material that makes things throwable)

- Crushed Cobblestone (can be ground in a Stone Metate & Mano to make Gripping Chalk)

- Iron Tree Tap (used on an Oozing Pine Tree to receive Slimeballs)

- Stone Mano (crafted with 1 Stone Button, used within a Stone Metate block)


Projectile Items:

1. Throwable Stick

2. Throwable Stone Rod

3. Throwable Bamboo

4. Throwable Blaze Rod

5. Throwable Torch

6. Throwable Brick

7. Throwable Rock

8. Throwable Bone

9. Throwable Iron Nugget

10. Throwable Gold Nugget

11. Throwable Slimeball

12. Seed Blowpipe

13. Thorn Blowpipe

14. Wooden Thorn Dart

15. Stone Thorn Dart

16. Poisonous Stone Thorn Dart

17. Slimey Stone Thorn Dart

18. Flaming Stone Thorn Dart

19. Throwable Slimeball

20. Throwable Coal Smoke Bomb

21. Throwable Glowstone Smoke Bomb

22. Throwable Dynamite 

23. Throwable Paper Airplane

 - Many more to come!


Projectile Blocks:

1. Throwable Cobblestone

2. Throwable TNT

3. Throwable Dirt

4. Throwable Sugar Cane

 - Many more to come!


- Added Mechanics -

- Stone Metate & Mano:

Mano is a rock used to grind materials down within a metate.

Metate is a larger rock but its surface has been ground down. This makes it perfect for containing materials when grinding them.

Together you can grind Crushed Cobblestone to make this mods' best ingredient, Gripping Chalk.

- How do I make Crushed Cobblestone?

To make Crushed Cobblestone, you simple take three Cobblestone and craft Cobblestone Slabs.

Then take those Cobblestone Slabs and put them in one slot in a crafting grid.

This will split the Cobblestone Slabs into Crushed Cobblestone.

 - With this, you will be able to craft Gripping Chalk.

- What is Gripping Chalk?

Gripping Chalk is the byproduct of Crushed Cobblestone in a Stone Metate & Mano.

Gripping Chalk is used for a lot of items in this mod.

Simply put this next to an item in a crafting grid and it will give grip to that item (make it throwable).

- A Thorny Bush?

Natural Projectiles adds some new blocks as well. Like the Thorny Bush. Good for a defensive system,

but also a great source of Thorns! Craft some Pruning Shears and clip some Thorns off of the bush.

- You can also use the Pruning Shears on other plants!

  Examples: Rose Bush, Dead Bush, Lilacs, Peonys, Sweet Berry Bush, Cactus and more!

- A Slimey Tree?

Natural Projectiles also adds a new tree!

The Oozing Pine Tree is a fairly large tree and it's pretty sticky too!

Use an Iron Tree Tap on an oozing log to receive some Slimeballs!


- Links -

- Author Conborg ->

- Author Twitter ->

- Find it on Curseforge! ->

- Distribution -

*** Please do not copy, claim, or redistribute anything from my mod as your own. ***

 - You are absolutely welcome to making Videos, Commentary, Tutorials, Blogs, etc.

 - And you are most welcome to include it in your mod-packs!

- Credits -

All content and features were created by me, Conborg.

Modification files
NaturalProjectiles(1.0.0).jar - First Released Version of Natural ProjectilesUploaded on: 07/29/2021 - 19:22   File size: 714.34 KB
NaturalProjectiles(1.0.1) - 1.16.5.jar - First *Update* of Natural ProjectilesUploaded on: 04/29/2022 - 16:45   File size: 1.14 MB

First Release of This Mod!


Please tell me in the comments about, bugs, problems, ideas and more!


This version currently has 22 projectile things.

- 18 throwable/projectile items.

- 4 throwable blocks (My favorite is the throwable TNT).


Some mechanics added are the Oozing Pine Tree, Thorny Bush, Crushed Cobblestone and more!


Version (1.0.01) - 1.16.5:

First *Update* of Natural Projectiles:

New Features:

-Added "Throwable Coal Smoke Bomb" (crafted with 1 Coal, 1 Redstone, 1 Crushed Cobblestone, 1 Gripping Chalk)

-Changed Oozing Pine logs drop from Slimeballs to "Oozing Pine Sap"

-Added "Oozing Pine Sap" block (use "Iron Tree Tap" on this block to recieve slimeballs)

-Added "Stone Thorn Trap" block (crafted with 3 Thorns top row, 4 Stone on sides, Iron Ingot middle, and Redstone bottom middle)


I'm kinda sad Conborg no longer seems to be on this website, I really wanted to see this mod succeed 🥲

Good work. Nice mod. You are a genius. You got one more upvote.