Custom Enchants

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Hello all!

I present to you a new mod called Custom Enchants.

What is Custom Enchants?

Custom Enchants adds 3 new Enchantments. The 3 new Enchants are: Flight, Kill Aura* and Destroyer*

*Kill Aura is way to overpowered as it kills every single OverWorld hostile mob and repeats it 100000 times which is why its not recommended (its basically gonna crash your game)

*Destroyer allows you to break unbreakable blocks (e.g end portal frames, bedrock, command blocks, etc) which as i have read, doesn't make a good mod

Why would i want this mod?

Custom Enchants brings out stuff that could be helpful in some ways, for example your making your base near bedrock and you cant because there's 1 piece of bedrock that gets in your way and you cant do anything, or you need to get somewhere but don't have any blocks.


How do i get Kill Aura Essence?

You can either mine it  as it rarely spawns 1-1 in every chunk OR you can type the following command: "/give @a customenchants:killauraessence [amount of item you want]"

What do i do with the new Crafting Table?

This maybe difficult to explain but here goes:

On the second input slot you put in some bedrock.

In the first slot goes Kill Aura Essence. When you press Crush you will keep the bedrock (its basically unbreakable but the idea is that it crushes the kill aura essence) but you will also get Crushed Kill Aura Essence. You can use it to make 1 block of Kill Aura Essence using 9 Crushed Essence.

The Second Recipe:

Place 1 Book of Flight in the first slot and 1 book of Destroyer  in the second slot to make 1 book of Kill Aura Essence*

*This will be removed in a later update 

This mod is clearly overpowered in many ways.

And your right, the purpose of the mod isn't to add some new block that you can mine to decorate. No no no no, its not that simple. This mod makes Minecraft easier but with a cost.


This mod is meant to make Minecraft more easier not to make it harder or to make it more fun (i guess it kinda does make it more fun)

I also don't want mod suggestions on how i could do this and that to make it less OP, the whole mod is meant to make Minecraft easier and OP

I also hope that your well during the cough cough situation. 


Ok so your going to need to find and smelt some Kill Aura Ore.

After you have done this you need to make the Destroyer I Enchant

After Obtaining the Destroyer Enchantment you will need to mine the following : Ender Egg, End Portal Frame, bedrock. Keep mining these until you get a lot of them

Now you need to make the following:

Decoration (optional)

Now use your (now smelted) Kill Aura Essence in The Crafting Table of Wisdom as so:

Now go into the Mixer and use your new items obtained from the Mixer as so:

And as you guessed do the same thing for the Smelter:

After this is all done, go into a Normal Crafting Table and make a block out of the new item!

This item isn't for decoration but in fact is actually for the Kill Aura Enchantment (i fixed the crashing problem)




Modification files
CustomEnchantsv1.0.0.jar - Warning, The kill aura sword will crash your game unless you have an incredibly beefy PC.102.56 KB
CustomEnchantsv1.0.1.jar - Fixed a lot of things :)195.04 KB

v1.0.1 The Chunky Update

Removed = -

Added = +

Fixed= ~

Future Plans = >

~ fixed the crash bug with the kill aura sword.

+Structures, they randomly spawn every 10,000 blocks.

+Blocks (Smelter, Mixer, Kill Aura Ore)

+Items (Essence, crushed essence, pile of essence)

~ Problem with the Enchants on Swords and Books appearing white instead of grey

-removed the ability to get command blocks as you cant place or use them in survival

~fixed problem with player still being able to have the ability to fly when not having the Enchanted Sword.

> Hopefully make it so the Enchanted Books have a yellow tag instead of white tag

> make it so the kill aura sword has a radius ( minecraft 1.13 got rid of the radius command which sucks)

>Hopefully have more downloads AND maybe just possibly MOTW, i doubt it though.

> Update 1.0.2 will make it so that you have to lit the smelter on fire in order to use it.

>new enchantments coming in the next update as well :)