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Thank you all for MOTW!!! 

This mod aims to add weapons from the blocky mobile fps game Pixel Gun 3D

Keep in mind this mod is in early beta so most features like armor, throwables, pets, vehicles aren't planned yet. Also some weapons may not be accurate to the weapons from the game.

What's does this mod contain?

This mod contains a total of 30 weapons, currency, and a store to buy all your weapons.


(Some weapons can be scoped by sneaking)


- Combat Knife 

- Battle Shovel 

- Knight Sword

- Scythe

- Dark Force Saber

- Warrior Axe

- Katana

- Leader's Sword

- Pig Hammer

- Fire Demon

- Electrosphere

- Ruler Sword

- Last Samurai

- Elder Force Saber

- Blade Of Justice

- Bone Crusher

- Carrot Sword


- Pixel Gun

- Old Revolver

- Comrade

- Desert Eagle[can be scoped]

- Steam Revolver [can be scoped]

- Hitman Pistol[can be scoped]

- Plasma Pistol

- Executioner

- Adamant Revolver[can be scoped]

- Super Pixel Gun[can be scoped]

- Simple Cybergun

- Exterminator[can be scoped]

- Mr. Deejay

- Dual Machine Guns

- Electro-Blast Pistol

- Shotgun Pistol

- Sparkly Blaster

- Photon Pistol[can be scoped]

Primary(Assault Rifles, Submachine guns, shotguns, etc)

- Machine Gun

- Shotgun

- Combat Rifle[can be scoped]

- Heavy Machine Gun

- Uzi-uzi

- AK Mini

- Marksman[can be scoped]

- Heavy Shotgun

- Ranger Rifle[can be scoped]

- Desert Fighter[can be scoped | Has alternate attack]<This weapon isn't available in the store>

- Swat Rifle[can be scoped]

- "Predator"

- Sub-zero

- Secret Forces Rifle[can be scoped]

- Double Barreled Shotgun

- Assault Machine Gun[can be scoped]

- AK-48[can be scoped]

- Patriot

- Ranger Rifle[can be scoped]

- Rapid Fire Rifle[can be scoped]


- Sniper Rifle[can be scoped]

- Brutal Headhunter[can be scoped]

- Guerilla Rifle[can be scoped]

- Elephant Hunter[can be scoped]

- Impulse Sniper Rifle[can be scoped]

- Law Enforcer

- Inventor's Rifle[can be scoped]


- Signal Pistol

- Grenade Launcher

- Apocalypse[can be scoped]

- Firestorm[can be scoped]

- Missile Thrower[can be scoped]

- Big buddy

- Asteroid


- Sentry Turret

- Rocket Turret

How Do I Get these Weapons?


Once you first load a world for the first time with this mod installed you're given a set a items. You get a Combat knife, Pixel Gun, a stack of ammo, and 10 coins. You can then open the store to buy more weapons.


The Store

To open the store you press "v". You can change the bind to open the store in your controls somewhere near the bottom. The store contains 5 weapon categories you can choose from. The store also has an buy ammo button and a button to show the total of amount of coins you have.


Where Do I Get Coins?


You can get coins by killing hostile mobs(mobs such as zombies, spiders, skeletons, etc) which have a 25% chance to spawn a coin. If you get lucky you get more than 1 coin. You are also awarded 3 coins daily (20 minutes or 24000 ticks).




If there happens to be any glitches/bugs please report them in the comments. If you have an idea or suggestion please feel free to say it in the comments.



Please don't publish my work elsewhere without my permission.



urielito3010 - For their spread formula 

Salvador 666 - For their ammo and reload system

RexCerv - For their store system

Cubic Games - For the sounds

Pixel Gun Wiki - For the weapon info


This mod is now cancelled...

Unfortunately forgot to backup my workspace before formatting my drive whoopsies(which means I accidentally deleted the workspace)!!! So this is actually the last version of this mod. Who knows maybe I might comeback and remaster this mod but for now goodbye! ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR WORKSPACE


Have fun!!!




Modification files
pixel_gun_craft.jarUploaded on: 07/28/2022 - 10:33   File size: 7.41 KB

Version 1.25

- Added 9 new primary weapons

- Added Turrets

- Gadget shop (only turrets as of now)

Version 1.2

- Reworked some mobs

- Removed military base and soldiers

- Added 21 new weapons

- Added new mob flying pig

Version 1.1

- Fixed Pixel gun not doing damage

- Fixed military base structure not having a floor

- Added separate ammo for the weapons along with a new ammo shop

- Added 10 new weapons

-Added ammo drop

-Added 3 new mobs



For those who are looking to play a Pixel Gun 3D mod in Minecraft, I gotchu guys! A release will come soon :)

Hey what do i have to do to make it work it adds another mod or replaces the mod with troll
I play on tlauncher bc i can't afford mc :(

i need to contact the author i got the latest files of pixelgun it's version 1.25 he can use to restore everything

the pixel gun craft is a troll file do not install it. all the files are gone

man this is a blast from the past, I'm so glad someone has made this
I'll be downloading this right now lol

Nothing is lost really, you can extract your mod file with zip and all your models are 100% there with the textures, if you want i can help you make the mod again

the guerilla sniper scope is reversed !
Is it normal ?
(I haven't try the others snipers)

Nooo !! I had an similar idea but your mod seem just perfect !
you deserve MOTW
Idea : give more coin when kill player

Enzo do you have discord? i always wanted to make a pixel gun mod, we can work together, i know how to model pretty well

hi, your mod is amazing, i would like to help you make it better by making models for your mod, also did you loose all the models you made when you accidently deleted your workspace?

My 99 Loading Mods But Got Closed/Crashed. Plz Fix, Why Is Not Working And Old Verison Had Mcreator Got Banned For Noting Making Mods