Arsenal Enhancements

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Arsenal Enhancements

Yet Another Armory Mod

Arsenal Enhancements is a weapons mod, but this time it comes packed with brand new unique hand drawn 32x and 64x textures with some completely unique weapons. Within this mod weapons are categorized into two separate lists

1. Standard Weapons

So far, there are a total of 24 standard weapons. These 24 standard weapons are a mix of classic melee weapons along with throwable weapons and ranged weapons. A handful of classic weapons have special traits, but they all have completely different attack speeds and power. One example of a trait is how with a rapier in hand, you can activate speed at any time at the sacrifice of limited durability

2. Divine Weapons

Divine weapons are far stronger weapons than any other in minecraft thus far, but all great things come at a price. The price for divine weapons however is a divinity core, which is crafted from a nether star. But even if it is extremely expensive, the weapons make up for it with each having abilities and traits that no other divine weapons possess. For instance, a sword like Carnwennan can make you completely invisible in a limited cloud of black smoke. On the other hand, some such as Agneyastra give completely custom status effects. In Agneyastra's case, that effect would be eternal flame.

But that is not all, because this mod does not just include weapons, but rather it adds custom status effects too!

1. Bleeding

Bleeding is pretty standard as far as custom status effects go, however this time, bleeding makes it as if you were stuck in cobwebs for a couple seconds while consistently taking damage, which makes taking mobs out endlessly easier. Bleeding can be afflicted by using throwables such as shurikens

2. Eternal Flame

Eternal flame is a effect exclusive to fire weapons such as Agneyastra. Eternal flame is loosely based off of fire, but instead of normal, the fire last until the status effect runs out and the fire hurts at double the damage ticks while spawning in clouds of magma droplets and dust

3. Divine Blessing

Unlike the other two, divine blessing is a positive effect because instead of hurting you, whenever your crouch with it active, it has a chance on every tick to call down lightning from the skies in a circle around you. So far no weapons can buff you with it, but I am already in the process of making a new Divine weapon exclusively for this effect.


Everything above is what is already added, and everything to follow is what I'm already trying to work into the mod, after all this is just the first release.

1. Armour

I already have an armour set texture I pre-drew saved on my computer, but I am waiting to make more so that I can release what I plan to be 3 at once during 1.2.0

2. Custom Enchants

I am trying to find the most effecient way to create custom enchants for the divine armour I'm planning out for 1.2.0 but this is very likely not going to be released as I want to focus this mod exclusively on weapons/armour

3. More Weapons

And finally, of course I'm already scheming what kind of weapons and what other mythical weapons I can include in the next update

That's all for the release thank you so much if you actually read all the way down here (your'e my favorite) and if you happen to come across any bugs in the game (which there very likely will be many) please inform me in the comments section thank you to all who read this and I hope you enjoy <3 

Modification files
arsenal-enhancements-1.14.4-ver-1.jar - Very first release <3 Thank you to all who downloaded it!273.25 KB

Coming Soon!


-Added Arsenal Enhancements Creative Tab

-Added Divine Weapons Creative Tab

-Added Pure Carbon

-Added Steel Ingot

-Added Chain Link

-Added Claymore

-Added Tape

-Added Gripped Stick

-Added Katana

-Added Nail

-Added Spiked Ball

-Added Spiked Ball Hit Procedure

-Added Flail

-Added Rapier

-Added Rapier Ability Procedure

-Added Morning Star

-Added Broadsword

-Added Greatblade

-Added Shortsword

-Added Dagger

-Added Warscythe

-Added Reaper

-Added Divinity Gem

-Added Kunai

-Added Molotov Cocktail

-Added Molotov Cocktail Procedure

-Added Falchion

-Added Butterfly Knife

-Added Frag Grenade

-Added Frag Grenade Procedure

-Added Karambit

-Added Bleeding Effect

-Added Shuriken

-Added Shuriken Procedure

-Added Divine Blessing Effect

-Added Naginata

-Added Nunchucks

-Added Guandao

-Added Zweihander

-Added Waraxe

-Added Stun Baton

-Added Stun Baton Procedure

-Added Knobkerrie

-Added Excalibur

-Added Excalibur Procedures

-Added Durandal 

-Added Durandal Procedures

-Added Carnwennan

-Added Carnwennan Procedures

-Added Vorpal Sword

-Added Vorpal Sword Procedures

-Added Agneyastra

-Added Agneyastra Procedures

-Added Eternal Flame Effect

-Added Eternal Flame Procedures

-Added Tryfing

-Added Tryfing Procedures

-Added Moonlit Twig

-Added Artemis's Bow

-Added Gilded Arrow

-Added Gilded Arrow Procedures