Pirates Armoury

Published by zachadac on Sun, 10/10/2021 - 06:54
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds some pirate equipment not much more to it


The mobs on the last screenshot are not yet implemented

Please give any and all feedback or things you would like to see in the future


Captains hats - give you resistance while in the water and boost the attack  and attack speed of nearby players wearing bandanas.

Bandanas - give more knockback resistance as to stay in a fight easier.

Rum - gives you more strength but also nausea.

Cutlass' - are a in between of axes and swords dealing slightly more damage but are slightly slower.


Serrated Blade - which will give the bleed effect to the target dealing like poison but will increase in damage as the level increases.

Boarding Lunge - with a right click you are able to launch your self in the direction you look at be it on land or in water.

Seven Seas Cutlass

The seven seas cutlass has the ability to summon creatures of the deep to attack your foes applying bleed to them.

  • The ability will damage the weapon by 5 points but this can be reduced by unbreaking.

To use the ability keep clicking C until you see particles and hear a dinging that means that it is charged and clicking C again will activate the ability.

But don't think you can just switch off to another weapon or keep it charged because switching off the weapon or waiting for to long will reset the charge.


Future plans

  • make gilded items act as gold to piglins
  • make pirate coats (need to find out how to make a chest piece extend onto legs)
  • add bosses and mobs (find out how to use a skeleton model)
  • add more unique cutlass'
  • add guns
  • add structures
  • add more enchants
  • fix boarding lunge to be able to work with any sword like weapon
  • find a way to give items attributes
  • find out how to make transparent mobs and armor
  • fix inconsistencies
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