Ancient, Wedge's

Published by AriBan's on Thu, 11/18/2021 - 06:43
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Minecraft Forge mod
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*Please read

All the weapon's will need the medieval rock to craft them! so keep this in mind

Few of the weapons are extremely OP, so that's why they have difficult recipe's

You'll need to smelt all the cobblestone to stone.

Rank's included (play mod for more detail's)

Platinum, armor tool's!

Silver, armor tool's!

Bronze, armor tool's!

Structure, dimension and Biome's, well no dimension or biome but 2 structure's.


1. Waraxe

2. Spear

3. Hammer

4. Hatchet

5. Elec

6. Thunder Rock

7. Knife

8. Wrecking Ball

9. Long Sword

10. Katana

11. Mob's: Illusioner and Viking!

12. Mini Sword

13. Sling shot ball

14. Slingshot

15. Kunai

16. Exploder

17. Fortress: Structure


*New Tab


*Gold Upgrade!

Play and ENJOY this Mod!


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viking wepooo.jar - Mod Download version 1.16.5!370.84 KB

D.P.N.E (tpne) cell  <---

The pictures are still horrendous. I suggest using cooler colours, like blue or purple, instead of red. Also, simplicity is key. We don't need the arrows or eyes. This isn't a youtube thumbnail. The list of items are pretty cool, but there should also be one for blocks. The blocks actually placed.