supermj's 3D Gun Mod (SGM)

Published by supermj767 on Tue, 05/28/2019 - 17:42
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If You Like Your Bow And Arrows, But Feel Like They Could Use An Upgrade, This Mod Is Perfect For You. It Adds All Sorts Of Guns, Scopes, Throwables And Many More Weapons!


All Guns Can Be Scoped By Holding It In Your Left Hand (Shortcut "F")


Thank You So Much For Mod Of The Week!








Guns:   🔫

•►  AK-47 - The Best AR In The Mod Can Be Scoped By Crafting It With A Scope    (AR Ammo)


•►  M24 - A Really Strong Sniper Rifle      (Sniper Ammo)


•► M16 - a Moderately Strong AR (Can Be Scoped)    (AR Ammo)


•► Rocket Launcher - My Favorite Explosive Gun, It Shoots Rockets At Long Ranges      (Rocket Ammo)


•►  Pistol - A Regular Pistol (Can Be Scoped)      (Pistol Ammo)


•►  Customgun.exe - An Extremely Op Gun (Creative Only)      (No Ammo)


•►  Micro Uzi - A Rapid Fire Pistol Like Weapon (Can Be Scoped)      (Pistol Ammo)


•► Grenade Launcher - A Low Fire Rate Grenade Launcher      (Rocket Ammo)


•►  Scar-L - About The Same As The M16 But A Bit Different (Can Be Scoped)    (AR Ammo)


•►  Creative Bow (Creative Only) - This Gun Is A Bow Not A Gun But Its Extremely Strong And rapid Fire   (Creative Only)      (No Ammo)


•► Tommy Gun - A Strong Rapid Fire AR Like Weapon (Can Be Scoped)    (AR Ammo)


•►  Famas - a Good Strong AR (Can Be Scoped)    (AR Ammo)


•►  Revolver - The Best Pistol In The Wild West!   (Can Be Scoped)   (Pistol Ammo)


•►  Kar98k - Classic Sniper Rifle Good For Long Range Combat (Can Be Oddly Double Scoped)   (Sniper Ammo)


•►  Desert Eagle - A Strong Pistol       (Can Be Scoped)        (Sniper Ammo)


•►  Double Barrel Shotgun - The First Shotgun Of The Mod!      (Shotgun Ammo)


•►  Pump Shotgun - a High Damage Low Ranged Shotgun      (Shotgun Ammo)


•► Glock 17 - a High Power Pistol With High Range And Accuracy     (Pistol Ammo)


•► Dual Pistols -  Pistols Held In Each Hand For a Proper High Power Weapon


•► Compound Bow - a Really Strong Modern Hunting Bow        (Arrows)         (Can Be Scoped)


•► Crossbow - The Ranged Weapon Of 1.14        (Arrows) 






Paintball Guns:     🎨 + 🔫

•►  Cronus Paintball Gun - A Paintball Gun (Comes In Colors Red And Blue)       (Red And Blue Paintball Ammo)


•► Spyder imagine Paintball Gun - An Op Rapid Fire Paintball Gun (Comes In Colors Red And Blue)       (Red And Blue Paintball Ammo)




Melee:     🗡

•► Chainsaw - Is This The Best Melee Weapon?


•►  Machete - A Strong Melee Weapon


•►  Sword - Pretty Much The Same As The Machete But Stronger


•►  Lightsaber - A Very Strong Fiery Weapon


•►  Frying Pan - Yup This Is the Best Melee Weapon (The Best Weapon In PUBG)


•►  Mace - Spiked Maniac! (Someone Accidently Replaced The Chains With A Stick.)


•►  Baton - The Best Weapon For A Cop!


•►  Crowbar - the Best Weapon For A Criminal!


•►  Wooden Bat - A Regular Wooden Baseball Bat


•►  Metal Bat - A Pro Metal Baseball Bat (Good For Taking Care Of Unwanted Visitors :)


•►  Spiked Bat - Gotta Get Those Demogorgons!


•►  Baguette - A Weak And Tasty French Pastry/Weapon


•►  Knife - A Ninja's Side Weapon!


•►  Electric Fly Swatter - Flies Better Be Running Uh I Mean Flying Away


•►  Shovel - a Slightly Stronger Shovel That Can Be Used As A Weapon Aswell


•►  Battle Axe - A Strong Battle Axe That Can Be Used In a Battle Easilly




Throwables:    🎯

•►  Shuriken - A Ninjas Throwing Star


•►  Impact Grenade - BOOM!


•►  Smoke Grenade - Good For Making A Clean Getaway!


•►  Batarang - IM BATMAN!


•►  Throwing Dagger - Swoosh!


•►  Throwing Card - Pick A Card Any Card Any Card At All


•►  Mjolnir - The Power Of The Gods (Welded By Thor!)




ETC:    ✨

•►  Target - Used For Target Practice


•►  Crate - a Crate Used For Storage


•►  Checkered Floor - A Checkered Floor Used For Decoration


•►  Shelf - a Shelf That Can Be Filled With Goodies!


•►  Cash Register - Used To Store Cash In


•►  MOTW Trophy - Celebration On Getting Mod Of The Week!


•►  Shopping Cart - Perfect For Grocery Stores!


•► TV - a Television With Several Different Channels





Thanks For Reviewing My Mod i Hope You Like It! 👍




This Is The Best Gun Mod On MCreator!


All Of The 3D Models Where Created By Me -:supermj767:-


Please Comment About Suggestions & Glitches, Thank You!

i Will Update immediately



Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

- Added  Dual Pistols

- Added TV

- Added Compound Bow

- Added Crossbow

- Edited Pictures On Mod Page

- Added No Blood Download


Submitted by Staevea on Wed, 05/29/2019 - 16:06

Please can you help me for upgrading my mod DarkCraftRP

Submitted by supermj767 on Thu, 06/06/2019 - 00:02

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Dont Forget To Comment About Any Suggestions Or Glitches. Thank You!