Fallout Inspired Power Armor

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Have you ever though minecraft needed a little extra armor? because diamond armor just isnt very good at protecting against gamma radiation, and lets be honest you want to run around the world in a super suit, if this is the case then this is the mod for you!

I am a fan of the fallout franchise and I wanted to bring that to minecraft so here are 5 of the sets of armor T45, T51, X01, X02, and X03



The T45 set provides decent protection as it is one of the older sets, Its ability is servo assistance this gives the player increased strength at the cost of 1 power.

Damage obsorbtion 50

damage values of each piece going head to boots   7  9  7  7

enchantibility 100

tougness 4.2




The T51 set is a well made piece of military hardware and is better that T45 in protection and bulkiness, Its ability is a stat boots at the cost of 1 power.

Damage obsorbtion 60

damage values of each piece going head to boots   8  10  8  8

enchantibility 100

tougness 4.5




The X01, what I would call my favorite, Its an advanced set of armor that provides much more protection than the T51 and its ability is regeneration at the cost of 1 power

Damage obsorbtion 75

damage values of each piece going head to boots   9  10  9  8

enchantibility 100

tougness 5




The X02 a set of armor that would make any raider run in fear, It is a very advanced piece of armor and provides great protection, Its ability is Turtle Shell this ability makes the wearer

temporarily extremely resistant to damage at the cost of 1 power 

Damage obsorbtion 85

damage values of each piece going head to boots   8  10  8  7

enchantibility 100

tougness 5




The X03 a set made by the Enclave after the bombs fell, it was made in an effort to aid in the war against the brotherhood during operation anchorage, it is one of the most advanced sets of power armor to ever be made. It provides the most protection out of all of the sets, its ability is fire walker, on use burning gas will be released from the armor burning all nearby creatures, the cost is 1 power

Damage obsorbtion 95

damage values of each piece going head to boots   10  12  9  8

enchantibility 100

tougness 5




So you wanna know how to get this stuff, well you can just walk around and find a rusty ol abandoned set in the ground, once you find and unearth the armor you can use 2 steel or composite to turn the armor into a functional piece

[IMPORTANT] Some features all sets have are lights that can be toggled on and off with I, and the abilities can be used with O

Also Important the ui can be toggled with U







 power armor must now be used on a power armor frame to function properly so no more lugging around that heavy armor with your new buddy


Animated GIF


you can add and remove power armor from the frame, equip and unequip too but you will need some power


fusion core will now be needed to power your frame and have it function like its meant too, you gotta feed your frame if you wanna play the game


fusion cores will be craftable and so will the frame be so dont worry about finding those, a guide book will be given to you explaining everything




This is the tracker item, it is used to locate power armor in case you need some help finding those pesky armors




Companion guide!


companions can now be found in the world through randomly generated structures and they can be tamed with steak or some meat, their inventory can be accessed with crouching and right clicking on them, treat your friend nice, dont blow them up with some grenade you found because you thought it would be cool






Here are some images of the dungeon, the dungeon randomly spawns anywhere and it contains some powerful items so look out for it 

 you will know it when you see it so just believe me, you will also have to dig out the bottom part of the entrance to find the door






 These are the placeable sets of power armor that are found in the dungeon they can be right clicked and they will be equipped with some sounds to make it feel a bit more cinematic.








These are the warped sets, these are old sets worn by raiders and if you happen to get your hands on a piece it can be turned into a functional piece of power armor by putting it and a piece of the corresponding material like t45 and t51 use steel and the x0 sets use composite, so add more material until it can be made into a functional piece. They provide much less protection than their functional counterparts so repairing them must be a priority.



The new Ripper weapon which can be found in the dungeon


this is the earthed power armor that can be found in the world and repaired into functional power armor












The X01 and X02 use 2 composite for repair

The T45 and T51 armors use 2 steel to be repaired


Find and extra piece or armor? all rusted armor pieces can be turned into the material they are made of.


This is how you make composite


Also something I forgot to include Steel is made with one coal and one iron



 on entering a new world you will be given a guide book so you wont have to track back here to learn how to exit power armor frames, its N by the way







If you have any suggestion or want any changes I would love to hear them



Fallout Inspired Power Armor - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge
This is the link to the mod, the size is over the limit so curse is the only place I can put it


Modification files
go to curseforge for the download, link above this_0.zipUploaded on: 02/13/2021 - 17:20   File size: 264 bytes

Added alot of new content but most importantly power armor frames

This mod deserves more downloads. The textures and models are awesome!

As you have no FPS drops with these models of armor?
It is possible to contact you?
My Discord - ZHUZHALKA#5877

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