Fallout Inspired Power Armor

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Have you ever though minecraft needed a little extra armor? because diamond armor just isnt very good at protecting against gamma radiation, and lets be honest you have always wanted to strike fear in your enemies with a set of power armor. The armors are modeled after the fallout 3 and new vegas versions because I like the less bulky look

I am a fan of the fallout franchise and I wanted to bring that to minecraft so here are 4 of the popular sets of armor T45, T51, X01,and X02.

The T45 set provides decent protection as it is one of the older sets, Its ability is servo assistance this gives the player increased strength at the cost of hunger.

The T51 set is a well made piece of military hardware and is better that T45 in protection and bulkiness, Its ability is night vision at no cost.

The X01 what i would call my favorite, Its an advanced set of armor that provides much more protection than the T51 and its ability is regeneration at no cost

The X02 a set of armor that would make any raider run in fear, It is the most advanced piece of armor and provides the most protection, Its ability is Turtle Shell this ability makes the wearer temporarily invincible to all forms of damage for a short period of time at a heavy cost to hunger.

UPDATES: my computer fan broke and my comuter wont turn on so I may try to extract the workspace from the hard drive, but this has happened before so I think it will be okay and turn on once I let the battery die.

HOW TO FIND THE ARMOR: So you wanna know how to get this stuff, well you can just walk around and find an rusty ol abandoned set in the ground, once you find and unearth the armor you can use 2 steel or composite to turn the armor into a functional piece, the armor can sawn anywhere in the overworld on the surface the armor blends in so i suggest searching the desert or plains biome to see better. Also the armor rarity it T45 uncommon T51 rare X01 a little more rare and X02 very rare.

[IMPORTANT] Some features all sets have are lights that can be toggled on and off with L and K, all of the helmets provide water breathing, and a full set of any armor reduces the damage of fire at the cost of increased damage to the armor To toggle the armors abilities press M and N. 

if you would like more pictures and a better description here is the curseforge link  https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fallout-inspired-power-amor

The X01 and X02 use 2 composite for repair

The T45 and T51 armors use 2 steel to be repaired

Find and extra piece or armor? all rusted armor pieces can be turned into the material they are made of.

This is how you make composite

Also something I forgot to include Steel is made with one coal and one iron






If you have any suggestion or want anything to be changed I would love to hear it also this mod is very new so if you find any bugs please tell me



Good Luck Explorer









Here is the T45 overlay all of the power armors have their own unique one.


Modification files

*updated description of armor aquirement

This mod deserves more downloads. The textures and models are awesome!