The Pumpkin Challenge

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Looking for a new challenge?.

Tired of nothing more left to fight?.

A place where you can not worry about anything else?.

**Then see no more! The pumpkin challenge mod is for you!**

What is the Pumpkin Challenge?

The pumpkin challenge is a pve based mod, it adds a new dimension called *The Pumpkin Realm* where you fight endless waves of increasing hardness mobs.
How does it works?


The Pumpkin challenge is separated among **tiers: Copper, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Netherite.** 
(note: only copper tier is completed, further tiers are gonna be added in later updates).



Depending on the tier of the challenge the player is going to face against several phases, these phases are divided into Non combat phases and Combat phases.


Non Combat phases


The non combat phases are 2, The Resting and Building phase.


Between each combat phase, the resting phase will start, giving the challengers enough time to heal themselves and prepare for the next wave of enemies, during the entirety of the challenge no players are allowed to build at all nor destroy, with the exception of instant breaking blocks such as grass and tall grass, here is when the building phases comes in.


During this phase will be the unique time where the player is going to be allowed to modify at will the grounds of the arena, the building phase replaces the resting phase during: the start of the challenge, after a boss wave.


Combat Phases


The combat phases are the mobs waves, which are also two, The Normal and Boos waves.

During the normal wave mobs will spawn around the combat arena during the entirety of the duration of the wave, the wave will last until a certain amount of mobs are killed by any means, not mattering if by player's hand or by the void itself.



The amount of kills needed is broadcasted onto the challenger's chat at the start of each wave, this together the difficulty of the wave.


After a wave is defeated the resting phase will start, and togerther this the difficulty of the challenge will increase exponentially, this until the player will not be able to withstand the mobs numbers and stats, ending to the failure of the challenge, due to this, a player must know when to leave before its too late.


For leaving the challenge without dying one must first defeat the boss wave.


After certain amounts of normal waves are defeated, a boss wave will appear (by default every 5 waves)

During the boss wave a singular boss will spawn, if the player does not take down the boss fast another one will spawn and will continue onto the next waves since only 1 kill is needed for the wave to end.



upon defeat, an exist gateway will spawn in the center of the arena and will dissapear before the building phase ends, so the player must think fast if they want to leave or continue fighting until the next boss wave.

Leaving will give the player a certain amount of bags that willgrant the reward of the wave, the amount and quality of the bags will increase together the difficulty of the wave, the longer you stay on the better the rewards, the rewards range from pumpkins, to ores and really strong weapons.


How to start the challenge?


To enter the challenge, one must first craft a pumpkin medallion, which require by default , an ectoplasm drop and 4 pumpkins, ectoplasm is a common item drop from the souls mobs from the challenge, which can also spawn naturally when a mob dies in the nether or in the overworld (needing to be in night time + surface for the overworld).


Upon getting the medallion one can use it to get the medallion of your corresponding tier, right clicking on a block with the medallion will consume an item tribute and spawn a gateway, all players who are standing on the gateway when the central particles reach the outer ones will be teleported to the challenge.


If a player teleports to the challenge when there is another challenge on, it will be tped to ANOTHER challenge, with a maximum of 5 different challenges at the same time.


Special notes:


Thanks to Ben Butler for giving me permition to use his wonderfull sountrack


When the challenge ends all entities are wiped, so any pets or items dropped in the dimension will be lost.


This mod was made for the mcreative's 2023 halloween mcreator modjam


Yes, you can use this on your modpack

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