Magic Wands and Explosions.

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Do whatever with various wands!! Throw fireballs. Summon Lightning. Beat Extra monsters! Summon explosions, anything can be done with this mod! Play around with your friends in ultimate pvp battles or just one shot the ender dragon with a fireball staff! There are extra modded items too like the thunder plant and explosions procedures.!forum/minecraft-modding

Modification files
Zander'sMod.mcrUploaded on: 08/05/2018 - 16:26   File size: 235.8 KB
ZandersMod.jarUploaded on: 08/11/2018 - 04:12   File size: 296.9 KB

8/4/2018 : Tweaked Down Fireball Staff to do less damage.

8/4/2018 : Looking into Crafting Recipe fixes like shaping.

8/4/2018 : Reloading Mod To MCreator, Redoing all Changes

8/4/2018 : Everything Fixed

8/5/2018 : Fixing Other Items

8/5/2018 : Fixed Mod Publish

8/5/2018 : Reloaded Mod On Website

8/5/2018 : Full Release

8/10/2018 : Changed Portal Sounds (Dimension)

8/10/2018 : Added Exploding Lightning Block