Published by Xenon_372 on Fri, 12/10/2021 - 19:01
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This mod adds 19 katanas, 8 shuriken types, 2 dimensions, a boss, and some items to go with them. I'd recommend JEI to see all the recipes.

To get started, you need to craft a katana blade handle. Once you have a handle, you can use it to craft an iron, gold, or diamond katana.

You can upgrade a diamond katana to netherite, which can then be used to craft all the other katanas.


Fallen Soldier

These guys spawn in the nether and deal quite a bit of damage. I'd bring a fire resistance potion or two when facing these guys, since they also set you on fire.


Cloud Cows and Cloud Chickens

These two spawn in the cloudy dimension and have special drops, namely cloud beef, cloud chicken, cloud leather, and cloud feathers.


The Glitch Entity

This mod's boss mob. It's got 2000 health and moves pretty fast. Make sure to bring a shield and a few healing potions. It can be summoned by using a glitch core or the glitch katana on a glitch block.


There's also a new enchantment for leggings: Springstep. It allows the user to jump multiple times in midair, maxing out at 3 jumps.

Feel free to suggest any other ideas in the comments.

Hope you enjoy.

Modification files
Katanas_1.jarUploaded on: 12/11/2021 - 22:50   File size: 9.47 MB
Katanas_v1.1.jarUploaded on: 01/22/2022 - 00:42   File size: 9.73 MB
Katanas_v1.2.jarUploaded on: 02/08/2022 - 02:42   File size: 9.82 MB
Katanas_v1.3_1.jarUploaded on: 02/16/2022 - 18:49   File size: 9.87 MB

1.0: First release

1.1: Added shurikens that still need testing

1.2: Added the Candy Katana and the blazing toolset (currently unreleased)

1.3: Added dragon scales/Dragonscale blocks along with the Dragonscale Katana and the End Katana