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Welcome to ChainmailPickaxe's Scalemail Armor Mod!

This mod was inspired by three things: A) The unoriginal ideas people have had about Netherite in the End; B) DnD and other fantasy games; C) The uselessness of chainmail armor.

The goal of this mod is to introduce an original and worthwhile "netherite" style End armor which not only gives Chainmail a use in crafting, but also feels unique and not just another Netherite.

How do I get Scalemail Armor?

To get Scalemail Armor, you will need a few things. First, you will need some leather, which is simple enough. Next, you need Dragon Scales. These scales can be found in two ways. You can find them in a new structure called End Bunkers where hunters in the End used to stay safe. You can also get them by taking a Dragon Head you found in an End City and using a crafting table to turn it into 6 scales.  Finally, you need to attain your very own Chainmail Armor to upgrade!

Once you have these three materials, it is time to get crafting! First, you must put four scales in the table alongside a piece of leather. This will give you a Scalemail Sheet! Surround your chosen Chainmail Armor piece with four of these Scalemail Sheets and voila! You will have your very own piece of Scalemail Garb!


What does Scalemail do?

Scalemail is a little different than other armors. Each piece of the set will grant you different abilities, gifted by the magical scales of the dragons! The abilities of each armor piece are listed below.

Ender Iris (Helmet): Donning a Scalemail Helm gifts you the sight of Dragons! You gain permanent night vision as long as you wear the Helmet.

Dragonwing (Chestplate): Donning a Scalemail Chestplate allows you to float gently through the air at will! Crouching gives you Slow Falling for as long as you keep crouching. Be warned though, this ability very quickly drains your chestplate's durability, so use it wisely and sparingly!

End Dexterity (Leggings): Donning Scalemail Leggings gifts you speed and dexterity! While sprinting, you gain the Speed effect until you stop sprinting!

Saving Grace (Boots): When the boots feel you must make a quick escape, you will find a fall will not harm you! While you are at 4 hearts or lower, you will not take any fall damage at all.

Alongside these abilities, Scalemail is not quite as protective as Diamond Armor, but is is more powerful than Iron Armor. It has Toughness 1.5 as well, making it a valuable set indeed.


Other Info

This mod is currently only for 1.15.2, however once 2021.1 releases I will update it to support 1.16.5! If you notice any bugs or have any balance cocerns/ideas please feel free to put them in the comments! If there are no concerns I likely will update the mod no further after it's 1.16.5 release.

As for licensing, feel free to use the mod in any Youtube Videos, Modpacks, Servers, etc. as long as proper credit and links to mod pages are given. Do not redistribute this mod or its assets as your own.

Credit to Jappa for the Chainmail Armor Beta texture from the beta 1.14 Texture Update texture pack, which was used as a base for the Scalemail Armor. The texture was heavily modified.



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-Implemented Base Features

A little criticism, but the current recipe makes this harder to get then full netherite. My reasoning is that chainmeal armor is already uncraftable and can only be found in loot, not to mention to get it you need to go to a end island, and without an end city on the first try, makes it incredibly difficult therefor unnecessary and nobody will bother going out to get it other then to flex.

Really nice concept! I'm also waiting for 2021.1 so i can move on to 1.16, but damn you got my upvote.

I like this! I agree, chainmail is just the armor you use at the start of the game when it drops form a mob, and as soon as you get iron armor chainmail is pretty much useless. Plus, this gives people more of an incentive to visit the end city than just elytra.

Exactly! Especially for those who dont play in Hard, chainmail is an armor you never bother to seek out and rarely encounter naturally, so this is a good way to incentivize not only mob hunting in hard mode but also exploration of structures which can generate with chainmail!