Heufy Mod 0.2.0

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This will be the last update for this mod cause MrCreator was deleted (idk why) and i .mcr file soo... But im working on a mod called GlazzigMod! I hope you'll download that! ;D

YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE MOD FROM HERE: http://nissecrew.wixsite.com/nissecrewcommunity

Because Heufy Mod 0.2.0 is too big to be uploaded at MrCreator, the file is 38,2 MB, and the files has to be less than 15 MB...

This is the new items since 0.0.1 (Forgot to upload 0.1.0)

-> DImensions <-

- Sad Dimension

- Brown Lapis Dimension

- Ruin

How to make the portals!

Make a Nether portal frame (5x4) but instead of obsidian use moss stone (Ruin) iron block (Sad Dimension) Brown Lapis Stone Brick (Brown Lapis Dimension)

And simply right-click with Igniter (Ruin) Dead igniter (Sad Dimension) Brown Lapis igniter (Brown Lapis Dimension!


-> Blocks <-

+ JackhackandNisseagent Block

+ Brown Lapis Block

+ Brown Lapis Stone Brick

+ Rainbow Glass

+ Compressed Redstone (Just for design, doesn't power redstone...)

+ Dead Grass

+ Dead Grass On All Sides

+ Big Mommy TNT (a VERY strong Tnt) (Can only be activated with redstone)


-> Items <-

+ Camera (That doesn't work)

+ Coin

+ FireSpell (Can't do anything)

+ Brown Lapis Gem


-> Weaponds <-

+ Pistol + Bullet

+ Flame Thrower + Flame

+ Sniper + Sniper Ammo

+ Over Powered Sniper + Over Powered Sniper Ammo

+ Diamond Pistol (Place Diamond Blocks when bullet hits block) + Diamond Bullet

+ Brown Lapis Wand (Creates a HUUUUGE Hole...) (Use Brown Lapis Gem as ammo)

+ Lightning Sword (When Right-Clicked Summons Lightning)

+ Knife

+ Laser Gun + Laser

+ Light Saber

+ Emerald Sniper (emerald as ammo)

+ Diamond Sniper (diamond as ammo)

+ Gold Sniper (gold ingot as ammo)

+ Iron Sniper (iron ingot as ammo)

+ Stone Sniper (flint as ammo)

+ Wooden Sniper (Bowl as ammo)

+ Emerald SwordAxe



-> Armor <-

+ Camo Armor

+ Camo Armor V2

+ Camo Armor V3

+ Suit

+ Cap

+ Space Suit

+ Diver Suit

+ Brown Lapis Armor


-----> Thanks <----

Thanks for watching the ENTIRE List (Or maybe you just scrolled down) As I typed. This is the end of Heufy Mod! BTW Glazzig Mod and Heufy Mod will glitch if you play with them at the same time...

Modification files
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