Giant Swords + HexxitGear (and own Addons)

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Many of you know and Love Hexxit ;)

So I decided to remake some of the things I loved and are no longer in development.

The Hexxit Flower (things XD) spawn rate could not be set so low like in hexxit with Mcreator so I made it as Ore.


To Do List:

  • The Shield´s from Asgard Shield Mod (I think it´s not possible at the moment with Mcreator)
  • All other Weapon´s from Asgard Shield Mod
  • Some New Monsters (But I dont know How XD)

Release: Alpha 0.2



  • Livingmetal Ore: Drops itself
  • Hexical Ore: Drops Hexical Essence (Spawns less common than Diamond)


  • Wooden Giant Sword: makes Damage like a Stone Sword but has less Durabillity
  • Stone Giant Sword: makes Damage like a Iron Sword but has less Durabillity
  • Iron Giant Sword: "Same just Damage like Diamond"
  • Golden Giant Sword: makes Damage like a Wooden Sword 
  • Dimond Giant Sword: makes 4,5 Hearts Damage
  • Nether Giant Sword
  • Ender Giant Sword
  • Skull Giant Sword
  • Patchwork Giant Sword
  • Livingmetal Giant Sword
  • Livingmetal Sword


  • Biomass Armor: made from Rotten Flesh
  • Livingmetal Armor
  • Scale Armor: gives Strenght, Resistance and Fire Resistance II
  • Thief Armor: gives Strenght, Night Vision and Speed
  • Tribal Armor: gives Strenght, Night Vision and Jump Boost


  • Hexical Axe
  • Hexical Pickaxe


  • Hexical Essence
  • Hexical Diamond
  • Hexical Emerald
  • Livingmetal Ingot
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In development
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For the shields, you can just make like a 'shield chestplate'.