The Excalibur Mod

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Have you ever wanted to engulf your items in Dragon Breath and possible get the most powerful Sword and armor in the Universe of Minecraftia?

Well Now you can with Update 2 of the Excalibur Mod.

At the minute you can:

Open a bottle of Dragon's Breath;

Craft The Excalibur And the Knights Armour;

Go to the Magic Realm(W.I.P to get there you must use Quartz Pillars as the frame and Pure Magic as the trigger);

and Much More!

This Mod is a W.I.P which means there are more updates to come.

Hope you enjoy this mod!

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version



+Bottle Opener

+Dragons Breath (Not inside the bottle)

could you tell me how to turn .json files into .java files because i made a model for a mob i was going to make but blockbench doesn't export .java files and i cant remake it because it would take to long

Hello People, Update 2 Is now here so be sure to check it out