TMod, A Terraria Mod

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TMod 0.2

TMod will aim to include all Terraria items that are possible within MCreator.


-Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold Ore

-Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold Bars

-Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold Swords

-Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold Pickaxes

-Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold Axes

-Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold Bows

-Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold Armor

- Topaz Ore

-Topaz Gem

-Amethyst Ore

-Amethyst Gem

-Sapphire Ore

-Sapphire Gem

-Emerald Ore

-Emerald Gem

-Ruby Ore

-Ruby Gem

-Diamond Ore

-Diamond Gem

-Wooden Arrow

-Zombie Sword 1 in 100 drop chance from zombie

-Bone Sword 1 in 100 drop chance from Skeleton

^ Will be removed and changed in future updates

-Life Crystal, Increases Maximum life




-Slime Crown

-Suspicious Looking Eye




-Ores are shown above in Items

-Heart Crystal, spawns randomly underground.

-Iron Forge. Right click your ores on it to craft bars



-Corruption Grass

-Gold Bricks



-The corruption. Only one for now. Spawns Ebonstone, Ebonwood, corruption grass and the Eater of Souls flying mob.



-Green Slime. Basic mob. Bounces around

-Blue Slime. More aggressive green slime, and more strong.

-Demon Eye. Flies around at night. About the same stats as blue slimes.

-Eater of Souls. Stronger Demon Eye that is way stronger.



-King Slime. Summoned with Slime Crown. Very strong and very big slime. Tries to jump on you.

-Eye of Cthulhu. Summoned with Suspicious Looking Eye. Very strong and big Demon eye. Charges you and summons minions.

Modification files
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