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- Mythosia is a Mod with lots of exploration and custom mechanics.

- Mine the new ores, Find a way to get to the Heaven Dimension with the help of a Guide and Get all the way to Hell and to the Nebula World.

- Use the new Custom Crafting Stations - Hydraulic Press, Mixer, Armor Maker and more.

- Find new Crops to eat and to farm.

- Explore the new Biomes and Stucutures.

- With all that, you can get Rare Materials that you can use to craft the best armor you can, create Magic Wands, New Tools and New Building Blocks.

- Enjoy all the new features you see along your way and read the Guide Book when you get stuck.

- All the OP Features are only available when you kill the Ender Dragon to make a big expansion to Minecraft, that is both fun and great.

- I hope you like the Mythosia Mod!


Here are some more Features


Explore the new magical biomes!


The Magic Forest


- Dead Valley, Magic Forest, Modified Swamp, Meadows, Strawberry Hills and much more!

Find the 3 new dimesnions!


The Nebula Dimension

- Hell Dimension, Heaven Dimension and the Nebula Dimension

Find and kill the new mobs!

The Hell Guardian

-  Snakes, Frogs, Celestial Guardians, Magic Snails, Heaven Guardians, Hell Guardians and more!

New Mechanics

-  Smash your ores with the new Hammer and you will get ore dusts! There is a lot of tools such as the Hydraulic Press.

-  Essence Balls! Fill Essence Balls with Essence (Zombie, Nebula, Skeleton, Hell) and throw them to see what they do!

New Materials, Armor and Tools

New Ores

- Lots of new ores! (Heavenite, Nebulite, Onyx, Pyrite, Aluminium, Tin, Hellite etc.)

New Armor

- A lot of new Tools and Armor! (Strange Armor, The Excalibur, The Overlord Killer, The True Armor etc.) 

- New Saplings!


- New wood types - Meadowtree, Helltree, Heaventree, All the Nebula tree types (Limenebula, Bluenebula, Pinknebula) etc.

New Farmables and Plants!


Farmable - Stawberry, Currant

Decorative - Magic Plant, Nebula Plants (Blue, Pink, Lime), and the Small and Big Poisonous Cactus 

I'm planning to add more plants in Beta 1.2.0.


Mod Trailer


Mods you should use with this mod

(Strongly Recomended) JEI - Just Enough Items - Helps you find all the crafting recipes for this mod.

(Strongly Reccomended) JourneyMap - You can make Waypoints that help you get back to your home when you get lost.

(Optional) Wawla (What are we looking at) - Says what block you are looking at and says what mod it is from. This is very helpful if you use this mod with other mods.


This mod is only in the beta version. If you find any bugs let me know in the comments - I will fix the bugs you report in the newer version.


This Mod will be for more Minecraft Versions in the Full Release.

Thanks for reading this! Hope you will like my mod :D







Modification files
Mythosia V. Beta 1.1.0.jar - Mod Download - Mythosia Beta V. 1.1.0 (Latest Version)Uploaded on: 06/24/2023 - 13:55   File size: 4.59 MB
Mythosia V. Beta 1.0.1.jar - Mod Download - Mythosia Beta V. 1.0.1Uploaded on: 06/22/2023 - 18:25   File size: 4.37 MB
Mythosia V. 1.0.1_0.jar - Mod Download - Mythosia Alpha V, 1.0.3Uploaded on: 06/11/2023 - 19:17   File size: 2.69 MB

This mod is not finished yet.

I would find it very helpful if you list some bugs in the comments if you find some (Missing crafting recipes, bugs in the code, game crashes etc.).

Version : Beta 1.1.0

- Added Marble Blocks

- Added Mosaic Blocks

- Added the Stylist's Pickaxe (Change the Styles of Mosaic Blocks)

- Added the Vertical Miner Recipe

- Added 3 new Creative tabs - Mythosia Nature, Mythosia Tech and Mythosia Decorations

- Added RGB Lights with 10 colors (color them with a dye)

Version : Beta 1.0.1

- Added Strawberry Hills Biome

- Added Strawberries and Currant (Growable)

- Added new Plants - Blue Nebula Plant, Lime Nebula Plant, Pink Nebula Plant, Magic Plant, Mini Poisonous Cactus, Poisonous Cactus

- Added Saplings

- Added a new Tree - Orange Tree 

- Added Oranges

- Remade all the mechanics ( Hydraulic Press, New Tools and more)

- Added new Crafting Stations - Mixer, Ingot Workbench, Armor Maker and Item Sifter

- All the new Crafting Staions have their own Help Menu.

- Added decoration for the Magic Forest.

 Changed mod name from Stepik Mod to Mythosia.


In the next version I will add some decoration blocks for your cool houses!


I'm making the beta version of the mod rn. It has 2k features in it already XD