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Published by pigface111 on Mon, 08/05/2019 - 02:18
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This is a mod with Robots, Villager Guards, and much more. Robots will spawn in the plains, desert, and extreme hills biomes. You must fight the robots and collect charges to craft the ultimate sword. Push "R" to view the recipes. The Recipe GUI looks bad right now. I will fix it soon. This is currently in beta so it has bugs. Please feel free to give any ideas, improvement, and feedback! :D

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Robots mod 1.1.jar - Robot mod 1.1 (JAR)1.52 MB
Robots mod - Robot mod 1.1 (ZIP)1.52 MB


Blocks and Items

-Robotic Charge

The main Ingredient for all recipes,

Dropped from robots

-Wired Charge

Used to craft robotic bit

-Robotic Decharge

Used for some crafting recipes,

Used for ammo for the laser gun

-Robotic Bit

Used to craft a robotic chunk

-Robotic Chunk

Used to craft the robotic head

-Zombie Spawner

Spawns a zombie

-Pig Spawner

-Villager Spawner

-Robot Spawner

-Robot King Spawner

Spawns a robot boss that drops a special item

-Skeleton Spawner

-Slime Spawner

-Iron Golem Spawner

-Robotic Head

Is placeable,

Used to craft Spawners and other recipes

-Infinity Dominator Sword

Does 100 Damage,

Strikes Lightning when mob is hit

-Charge of Matter

Used to craft the infinity Dominator sword

-Robotic Charge Block

Strikes Lighting when you walk through it

-Robotic Decharge Block

-Charge of Matter Block

-Spawn Villager Guard

-Spawn Robot

-Spawn Robot King

-Laser Gun

-Totem of the Nether

Dropped from a robot king

-Electric Iron Block

Used to craft Iron Golem Spawner

-Totem of Flying

Allows you to fly in survival mode

-Radioactive Charge

Used for ammo for the Laser and plasma guns.

Dropped from robot skeletons.

-Plasma Gun

Does x3 more damage than the Laser gun



-Villager Guard

Just for fun! Acts like a normal villager. Has trades.

-Robot Blaze

Spawns everywhere

Drops Robotic Charges

-Robot King

Spawned from Robot King spawners,

Drops Totem of the nether

-Robot Zombie (Robot Trader)

Walks faster than a normal zombie

Does not burn in sun and spawns in daylight

Attacks villagers and robots

-Robot Creeper

Worse than a charged creeper.

Strikes lightning when you get near it

-Robot Skeleton

Like the robot king but less health

Acts like a skeleton

-Robot Slime

Way stronger than a normal slime.

Attacks and teleports rapidly

-Robot Spider

Runs a lot faster than a normal spider,

Harder to kill than a normal spider



-Robot Dimension

Frame built with Robotic Decharged blocks

Best if you enter the dimension with the totem of the nether

What is inside? Play the mod to find out!


Comming next update (1.2)

-More spawners

-Robot armor

-more blocks