Feder's Dungeon Armors

Published by itayfeder on Sat, 06/13/2020 - 07:56
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Dungeon Armors Logo

Welcome to Feder's Dungeon Armors!!!

Dungeon armors is a mod that takes armor sets from the newest game in the Minecraft franchise - Minecraft: Dungeons, and adds them into normal Minecraft.
Currently, there are 12 armor sets in the game that are taken from Minecraft: Dungeons, 10 of them are from the base game, one is from the first DLC of Minecraft Dungeons - Jungle Awakens, and one is from the second DLC of Minecraft Dungeons - Creeping Winter.

The armor sets are:

  • Thief Armor
  • Evocation Robe
  • Wolf Armor
  • Grim Armor
  • Mercenary Armor
  • Spelunker Armor (Comes with a little flame on the helmet)
  • Reinforced Mail Armor
  • Snow Armor (from Minecraft Dungeons: Creeping Winter)
  • Archer's Strappings
  • Soul Robe
  • Mystery Armor
  • Ocelot Armor (From Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens)

Do you think you have what it takes to get all of the armor pieces? Well, in the Advancement Tree you can find all of the armor pieces that are left for you to collect, and how many sets you already collected.


But how do you get these armor sets?

There are 2 ways to get the armor pieces from the mod: the Armor Bag and the Loot Piggy.

A loot chest with Armor Bag

Armor Bags are a gray bag, with a purple string tied at the top of it. You can find this Armor Bag inside many dungeons like Desert Temples, Jungle Temples, End Cities, Nether Fortresses, and more. To open these Armor Bags, just right click with them in your hand, the Armor Bag will disappear, and a random armor piece will appear. All armor pieces have an equal chance to appear.

Loot Piggy Image

The Loot Piggy is a new mob that was added to this game with the mod. It is very rare, and can be found in every biome a normal pig can spawn in, and also inside dungeons. When you kill it, it drops porkchop (because it's still a pig), some Emeralds and 3 random armor pieces. Like the Armor Bag, all armor pieces have a equel chance to appear!

Have a suggestion? Found a bug?

You can always contact me through this page in the comments, or through Discord at itayfeder#6487.

Anyway, thank you so much for downloading this mod, and I hope you are having fun with it! This mod is always updating and getting better, so keep an eye on it.

Modification files
dungeon_armors_1.0.0.jar - Dungeon Armors Version 1.0.0219.08 KB
dungeon_armors_1.1.0.jar - Dungeon Armors Version 1.1.0283.23 KB

Version 1.1.0 changelog:

- added Soul Armor Set

- added Mystery Armor Set

- added Ocelot Armor Set

- added Loot Piggy

- changed the advancement tree, to make it more symmetrical, and added a new advancement

- fixed some armor model issues


Version 1.0.0 changelog:

- added Thief Armor Set

- added Evocation Armor Set

- added Wolf Armor Set

- added Grim Armor Set

- added Mercenary Armor Set

- added Splunker Armor Set

- added Reinforced Mail Armor Set

- added Snow Armor Set

- added Archer's Strappings

The models are simply amazing, keep working on this mod and it will turn out like a masterpiece.

The reason Fox Armor (and other unique armors like it) are not present in the mod is that I wanted to start with the normal armor types, and then introduce the unique armors after it. But don't worry, not only it is guaranteed to get added, but it is also the first unique I'm going to add!

A great and well-made design of the armor and its models are incredible
good textures on your items
Excellent job!!

Wow! Cool mod! It will be nice to play with Oh Dungeons Items mod!

Can you put the Workspace folder in the Modification files ?