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Published by Ypermat on Thu, 07/16/2020 - 11:45
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Things that comes out of Ypermat's mind.

Currently searching a graphic designer for my mob textures :D

So what does it add ?

Out of my mind mod adds few things. This is my first mod ever created and I will add tons of new things to it later. I am open to suggestions and I think I will work a little bit like Mojang's updates :

(1.0 = Void update, 2.0 = ?? update, etc...).

Ores :

Cooper : This ore is not for armors or tools. With it you can craft Unification table, Coin converter and Cooper block. It can be found between y: 5 and 54 in the overworld.

Osmium : Better than Diamond, this ore can make Osmium armor parts and Osmium swords, not tools. It can be found between y: 0 and 10 in the overworld.

Cinnabar : Better than Osmium, this ore can make Cinnabar armor parts and Cinnabar swords, not tools. It can be found between y: 20 and 40 in the nether.

Gems :

Fusion gem : Obtained by smelting things. The fusion gem will pop on top of the furnance. With a Unification table you can make Fusion swords.

Anima : Obtained by killing entities. Anima will pop like a classic mob loot. With a Unification table you can make Anima swords.

Void gem : Obtained by killing Void lords. The void gem is the only loot of the Void lords. With a Unification table you can make Void swords.

Ultra void gem : Obtained by crafting with 6 Void gems. With a Unification table you can make the Master sword.

Armors :

Osmium armor : Better than Diamond, this armor is the minimum protection to fight a Void lord.

Cinnabar armor : Better than Osmium, this armor is the ultimate armor.

New swords :

Osmium sword, Cinnabar sword : Like the armors.

Void sword : The void sord isstronger than all other swords but cannot have variation. Instead it can be transformed into Master sword.

Master sword : Strongest sword in the game, this sword is like an anima sword but can shoot endlessly untill you got no more Anima powder.

Variation of swords :

Fusion sword : Made with Fusion gem, they are a little bit stronger than normal swords and can attack faster.

Anima sword : Made with Anima, they are as strong as normal swords but can shoot anima powder like a bow.

Blocs :

Crafting tables :

Unification table : This table allows to unify Diamond, Osmium and Cinnabar swords to Anima, Fusion, Void and Ultra void gem.

Coin converter : This table allows to convert 30 Cooper coins to one Silver coin and 30 Silver coins to one Gold coin.

Other blocks :

Cooper, Osmium and Cinnabar ores.

Cooper block : Like Iron block : allows Beacon, ease stockage, etc...

Void block : The void block allows (with a right click with a Void staff) to spawn a Void lord in the Void dimension.

Void stone : It's the "Grass" of the Void dimension. A little bit slippery and very weak.

Void diorite : This is the "Stone" of the Void dimension.

Mobs :

Boss and minion :

Void lords : Theses guys can be summoned with a Void block and a right click on it with a Void staff, only in the Void dimension. They loot a Void gem, useful to craft Void and Master sword.

Void minion : They spawn in the Void dimension. Loyal to Void lords, thay can answer their call and they will attack you if they sees you.

Mount :

Void bird : They can be tamed withe Void plant fiber. They spawn in the Void dimension and can FLY ! Once they are tamed, if you aren't riding them they will stay where you left them. Warning : even if you let tamed Void bird alone, they can fly up to the sky alone.

Plant - food :

Void plant : Theses plants are pretty rares and spawn in the Void dimension. If you touch them they will give you nausea. Break it without touching them and they will give you Void plant fiber.

Void plant fiber : This food heal you 1/2 heart and can be eaten very quickly. Useful for battle, you will feel like a Void lord regenerating. Warning : eat one while you are full life and you will get nauseous.

Dimension and biome :

Void dimension, The void biome : Ignithe the Polished diorite portal with a Void dimension portal coin (crafted with Anima and Fusion gem). This dimension is made of one biome : The void. Here you can summon a Void lord, find Void plants to get Void plants fiber and you can also find Void birds to fly and fight Void minions.

Other items :

Cooper, Silver and Gold coins : They can be used as trading monney. Silver coins can be used to craft a Void dimension portal coin (with Anima and Fusion gem) to ignite a portal to the Void dimension.

Anima particle : Theses are ammunition for Anima swords and Master sword. You get 6 Anima particles by putting 1 Anima in a Crafting table.

Void staff : It can be crafted to right click a Void block to summon a Void lord and get Void gems.

Void dimension portal coin : Crafted with Anima and Fusion gem, it can be used to ignite the portal (in Polished diorite) to the Void.


And I think that's it. I will for sure release soon a V1.1 to correct bugs or use feedbacks. Have fun !


Links : My website, Curseforge.

Modification files
Out_of_my_mind-V1.0-1.15.2.jar - "First Out of my mind mod release !" Version 1.0 - Minecraft 1.15.2 - Froge3.89 MB

"First Out of my mind mod release !"

Version 1.0

Minecraft 1.15.2 - Froge

nice mod
i like the dimension and achievements- more mods need good achivements imo

But... Isn't osmium the most dense material that exists? Shouldn't it be the highest tier material instead of cinnabar?

I should do something with this, to be honest I just took random ores I could found ^^ If you want to contribute to my next mod (that will be way more complete) you can send me informations like an Ore list to ypermat@gmail.com !