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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds a variety of different armor and weapons to the game, as well as the new stickman mob. There are several work in progress additions that will give you sneak peeks into further updates, such as the lighting spell book and Crystalite. There are also some guns (I will add more in a future update). Be especially careful of the grenade launcher - it's very explosive. Right now, this is still a work in progress so if you find any bugs or if anything is too overpowered, let me know. I hope you enjoy!!!

Modification files
SharpnessRPG.jar - SharpnessRPG 1.0278.3 KB

I can see you don’t have many downloads. I kinda want that mob texture for the stick man mob, since I can use it in my jojo mod for a stand I’ve been wanting to make. Can you put the link in the comments if you let me use?