Ancient Weapons

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Please UPVOTE and post comment about what more I could add.

Requires Geckolib!

Currently this mod adds 3 weapons with custom models!

Dagger of the North Winds:

On-Hit Effect:

suffocates the enemy briefly.


Right-Click Effect:

Dash increases speed momentarily with quick cooldown.


On-Hit Effect:

Light the enemy on fire.


Right-Click Effect:

Jump up then slam down damaging nearby enemies.

Storm Blade

On-Hit Effect:

Stun the enemy briefly.


Right-Click Effect:

Strike the ground with lightning killing nearby entities.

This mod is currently in development so please comment bugs and possible improvements.

I am the only developer so don't expect anything to big, I am open to suggestions so comment away!

This mod might be fun with PvP so if you want to show your friends how good you are I recommend this mod.

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AncientWeapons 1.1.jar - Version 1.1Uploaded on: 11/11/2023 - 13:43   File size: 283.29 KB