The Archery Merchant

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The archery merchant is a trader that can be randomly found anywhere in the overworld. He sells archery related items that will help you.

Items sold -

3 Feathers for 1 Leather

1 Crossbow for 1 Emerald

6 Arrows for 1 Emerald

Repeater Bow for any Enchanted Book

Magical Quiver for 1 Wither Skeleton Skull

Flaming Bow for 1 End Crystal

The Ancient Repeater for 1 Nether Star


The items he sells do great damage and can easily help in combat. I tested that it takes 12 - 13 hits using a bow or crossbow on a Iron Golem. Here is how many hits it can take with the weapons he sells.

Repeater Bow - 10 Hits

Flaming Bow - 8 Hits

The Ancient Repeater - 6 Hits

*All these weapons are auto-fire, so you can spam*


The magical quiver is another exclusive item he sells. The quiver is a chestplate that gives you +1 armor, but also gives you the quivers grace buff. This gives a 50% chance not to consume a arrow when shot. This results in around double the amount of arrows. *It does not work on vanilla bows, only the ones in the mod. I do not know how to do that!


Behavior and Spawning -

The archery merchant can spawn anywhere around his camp area. These are located in most plains, taiga, jungle, and forest biomes.

The archery merchant usually walks around and looks around. He tends to stay in the area, and will never despawn. He is always neutral except to zombies and skeletons. He always attacks zombie and skeletons variants with his bow. And if you attack him, He will keep attacking you until your are too far away or you die. When hurt, He will always drink a regeneration potion.

Upon death, He will drop no XP and 3 arrows. He will rarely drop his bow and iron helmet.


Custom Advancements -

There is a section for The Archery Merchants advancements. They include -

The Archery Merchant - Talk to the archery merchant for the first time.

Exclusive Tradin' - Buy a exclusive item

Ancient Stuff - Buy the ancient repeater

Modification files
thearcherymerchant_1.0.3.jar - 1.14.4 Version 1.0.3155.41 KB
thearcherymerchant_1.0.2.jar - 1.14.4 Version 1.0.2155.28 KB
thearcherymerchant_1.0.1.jar - 1.14.4 Version 1.0.1147.91 KB
thearcherymerchant.jar - 1.14.4 Version 1.0.0147.91 KB

5/3/2020 - Mod is no longer in development. 

4/14/2020 - Critical Bug GUI is being stupid, Wont give you the items when purchased. I might need to redo and completely overhaul the archery merchant gui.

3/24/2020 1.0.3 - Fixed AI issues and improved AI. Fixed the issue where he would not attack zombie, now attacks all skeleton variants, and now sometimes looks at you.

3/24/2020 1.0.2 - The Archery Merchant does not spawn randomly anymore. He spawns around rare camp areas where he will stay. These are located around most plains, taiga, jungle, and forest biomes. He also now has a name tag to ensure he does not despawn.

3/21/2020 1.0.1 - Archery Merchant turns into a skeleton instead of a zombie when struck by lightning