Broken Mind Weapons

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v.3.0.0 is out!!!

About this mod

- Adds random weapons to your game, like a pill, a shark, a metal pipe, a peashooter, Gustavo from pizza tower, etc, all of them with at least one advancement.

- Also, each one has a unique ability that may(or may not) help you in your adventures around the world.


Current list of weapons

- Power Pillow: Stuns and slows enemies on hit.

- Metal Pipe: Makes a loud noise in a 6x6 area and slows down mobs, cooldown of 10 seconds.

- Peashooter: Shoots peas, cooldown of 1 second.

- The Pill: Right click on a mob to instantly kill it.

- Mico: Makes a noise in a 4x4 area and deals damage to them, cooldown of 10 seconds.

- Ham Bat: High durability, but damages over time.

- Shark: Deals triple damage when hitting mobs that are under water, shoots projectiles, cooldown of 1 seconds.

- Gustavo: Can be thrown to stun enemies completely for 5 seconds.

- Snow Staff: Summons five snow golems, cooldown of 15 seconds.

- Great Meat: Summons three wolves, Cooldown of 30 seconds.

- Among other weapons!(see the screenshot above).

The Future of this mod

- We plan of adding a lot more weapons, advancements, and some random stuff(probably), hopefully all goes smoothly and the next update releases sometime this year.

Modification files
broken-mind-weapons-forge-1.18.2-3.0.1.jar - 1.18.2Uploaded on: 05/08/2023 - 02:31   File size: 1.31 MB
broken-mind-weapons-forge-1.19.2-3.0.1.jar - 1.19.2Uploaded on: 05/08/2023 - 02:31   File size: 1.3 MB

-Added Great Meat(Summons three wolves, cooldown of 30 seconds)
-Added Gustavo from Pizza Tower(Can be thrown to stun enemies completely for 5 seconds)
-Added Ham Bat(High durability but damages over time)
-Added Metal Pipe(Makes a loud noise in a 6x6 area and slows down mobs, cooldown of 10 seconds)
-Added Mico El Micofono(Makes a noise in a 4x4 area and deals damage to them, cooldown of 10 seconds)
-Added Peashooter + Pea(Shoots peas, cooldown of 1 second)
-Added Power Pillow(Stuns and slows enemies on hit)
-Added Shark(Deals triple damage when hitting mobs that are under water, shoots projectiles, cooldown of 3 seconds)
-Added Snow Staff(Summons five snow golems, cooldown of 15 seconds)
-Added The Pill(Right click on a mob to instantly kill it)

-Hunting Season(Use the wolf staff)
-Zzzz...(Kill an enemy with the power pillow)
-Hard Interview(Hit an Iron Golem with Mico)
-Get Hammed, Idiot(Kill a pig with the ham bat)
-The Gustavo & Brick Hour(Have Gustavo and a brick in your inventory)
-Shark Raid(Kill an Elder Guardian with a shark)
-A Real Peashooter!(Kill a zombie using a peashooter)
-GO NUTS(Craft the pill)
-No Brain(Take a pill yourself)
-4 Stars = 1 Star(Kill a Wither with a pill)
-Deaf Thread(Use the metal pipe to slow down the Warden (Deaf Threat)
-Cannon Fodder(Use the Snow Staff)

-William Afton (Really aggressive and tough, drops his knife)

-Afton’s Knife (Deals x10 damage to villagers and golems).
-Brain (Can be thrown to mini-stun and blind enemies).
-Comically Small Car (Rideable).
-Crowbar (Breaks chests and barrels fast, high swing speed, low damage).
-Hammer (Stomps and slows down enemies on hit).
-Iron Pan (Funny Sound).
-Diamond Pan (Funny sound).
-Netherite Pan (Funny sound).
-Golden Pan (Funny sound,Imbued with an ancient power).
-Taco (Gives regeneration, instant health and absorption, can be given to other mobs).
-The Diet Pill (Right click on a mob to instantly kill it, 50% chance of backfiring/not working).
-The Eureka Effect (Teleport to your latest spawn point).
-Tubby Custard (Gives wither and poison, can be given to other mobs).

-Hit a turtle with a hammer (Hammer Bros).
-Give a tubby custard to a zombie (Tasty!).
-Kill a Silverfish using a crowbar (Don't go for the head!).
-Craft the diet pill (50% discount, who wants it :)?)
-Hit anything with a pan (Funny sound).
-Craft a golden pan (Now you’re playing with power).
-Hit a zombie using a brain (Pain in the head).
-Give a taco to a villager (Thanks Neighbour!).
-Have a night trip while riding a small car (Turn on your night lights!).
-Escape to the Overworld using The Eureka Effect (Movin’ out!).

Changes and Fixes:
-Added Water Particles to projectiles thrown with the shark.
-Changed the peashooter using the crossbows animations to use bow animations.
-Removed crit particles from The Pill.
-Changed Peashooter’s recipe to use a pea in the middle
-Added description for peas.
-Changed shark description.
-Adjusted Gustavo description.
-Changed shark particles when hitting mobs in water to fireworks spark.
-Changed The Pill name color from light purple to red.
-Changed Mico description.
-Changed Metal pipe description.
-Changed icon to have no background.
-Great Meat durability was hugely reduced.
-Snow Staff durability was hugely reduced.
-Gustavo now uses an end crystal in its recipe instead of a second diamond block (weird).

Changes and Fixes:
-Fixed the tubby custard description not having the blue color.
-The recipe for tacos is now shapeless.
-The diet pill now gives luck when you eat it.
-Fixed Mico playing the same sound two times when right clicking.
-Changed The Eureka Effect description.
-Fixed the taco not giving instant health.
-Fixed the comically small car model begin broken.(1.18.2)

-Zombies can now spawn with brains in their hands.

-Trade offers for shark, crowbar, ham bat and iron pan 
(fisherman, weaponsmith and butcher respectively).

-Kill a Ghast using Afton’s knife (Lost soul).

Changes and Fixes:
-Removed cooldown for the eureka effect in creative mode.
-Taco saturation was changed.
-Tubby custard nutritional value and saturation was changed.
-Fixed William Afton Spawn Egg begins the wrong color.
-William Afton is immune to fire and wither now.
-William Afton now only kills during the night.
-William Afton now attacks golems.
-William Afton now works like spiders (Aggressive if it's night time or there's low light).
-Changed “Just A Broken Mind” root advancement icon and creative tab to brain.
-Decreased the speed of the particles of the shark.
-Hammer now uses the particles of the block the mob is standing on when you hit it.
-The cooldown for the shark’s projectiles is now 1 second instead of 3.
-Reduced shark projectile damage to 1 instead of 2.
-Implemented proper damage multiplier for Afton’s knife and shark.
-Changed sounds of the shark.

-Brick (Hard to find, can be ridden and will go fast if given cheese on a stick).

-Lamp (Ignites mobs on hit).
-Cheese on a stick (Makes Brick go faster, Boost lasts for 3 minutes).
-Exotic Butters (Placeable, Right click to take some butter).
-Letter (Send a mob to The End, Cooldown of 1 second).
-Phone (Can be thrown and explodes on contact).
-Shattered Stop Sign (Right click to mini-stun any nearby mobs, Cooldown of 1 second).
-Stop Sign (Placeable, When placed, right click it to mini-stun any nearby mobs, Cooldown of 1 second)
-Bonzi Buddy (Can be thrown to infect players and fill up their inventory).
-Paper Ball (Can be thrown, Doesn't deal damage).
-Fireball (Can be thrown, Sets enemies on fire, Doesn't deal damage).
-Jarate (Can be thrown to coat enemies in a non-piss liquid and makes them receive more damage if attacked with a base damage higher than 3, Reveals invisible mobs).
-Mad Milk (Can be thrown to coat enemies in a non-milk liquid and makes them return health to the aggressor if attacked with a base damage higher than 3, Reveals invisible mobs).
-Gas Passer (Can be thrown to coat enemies in gasoline and makes them lit on fire when attacked, Reveals invisible mobs).
-The Suspicious Apparatus (Mark any mob it hits, making all other mobs attack them, Infinite durability).

-Kill a chicken using a lamp (Shocking Fried Chicken).
-Hello, your computer has a virus (Expand Dong!).
-Have Gustavo in your inventory while riding Brick (The Gustavo & Brick Hour).
-Boost Brick using cheese on a stick (My name is Gustavo).
-Extinguish a burning mob using the Jarate (Friendship is Golden).
-Coat a cow using mad milk (THIS ISN'T MILK).
-Eat some exotic butters in a jungle (An exotic place for butter).
-Use a letter to send an Enderman to home) (YOU GOT MAIL!).
-Throw your phone to a cake (What a party pooper…).
-Use the stop sign to stop a comically small car (BEYOND THE SPEED LIMIT).
-Throw a paper ball to a villager (Annoying Classmate).
-Throw a fireball to an evoker (Annoying Moron).
-Craft the suspicious apparatus (Amog).
-Hit a zombie using the suspicious apparatus (Fake Steve).
-Coat an iron golem using a gas passer (MVM S+ Tier)

Changes and Fixes:
-Updated the advancement “The Gustavo & Brick Hour” to require Brick (the rat) instead of a brick.
-Fixed peashooter model having glitched textures.
-Fixed sounds not playing on server.
-Fixed The Eureka Effect not working when first spawning and not having a bed or respawn anchor.
-Fixed the advancement “Movin’ Out!” begin granted when your spawn point isn't in the Overworld.
-Fixed William Afton spawning in other dimensions.
-The ham bat damage was increased from 5 to 9.
-The ham bat description now includes “high damage”.
-The damage of the power pillow was increased from 3 to 6.
-The power pillow slowing effect now lasts 5 seconds instead of 3.
-The durability of the power pillow was increased from 131 to 250.
-The shark projectile now deals extra damage to blazes(deals 2).
-The tubby custard now applies instant damage.
-The tubby custard particles that appear when giving it to an undead are now centered.
-The tubby custard can be given to players now.
-The sound of the pan now only plays on the server side.
-Changed the golden pan so it doesn't convert the small car into gold.
-Changed brain description to now show its cooldown.
-Now your pets will not be affected by the abilities of Mico or the metal pipe.
-Changed Mico and metal pipe description to show the correct area of effect.
-Mico now deals 5 damage instead of 4.
-Changed the shark description to say it spits water.

Changes and Fixes:
-Adjusted the display models for:Jarate, Mad Milk, Gas Passer, Mico and shark.
-Fixed Jarate, Mad Milk and Gas Passer not despawning when hitting a mob.
-Effects from Jarate, Mad Milk and Gas Passer can now be removed with water.
-Added sound and potion effect when hitting a mob with the suspicious apparatus.
-Added a crafting variant to the suspicious apparatus.
-Added experience reward for crafting the suspicious apparatus.
-The advancement “Fake Steve” can now be obtained by hitting a drowned or wither skeleton.
-Added sound and adjusted particles to the lamp.
-Added a recycle recipe for the pill using diet pills, also made almost all pill recipes shapeless and changed some of them a little.
-Fixed the shattered stop sign dealing more damage than it's supposed to (decreased from 7 to 5).
-Fixed the stop sign affecting yourself.
-Fixed the phone, paper ball and fireball begin chargeable and infinite in survival.
-Increased max stack size of the phone to 16 instead of 1.
-Fixed the fireball having durability and changed its max stack size to 16 instead of 1.
-The advancement “What a Party Pooper…” can be obtained by hitting candle cakes now.
-Increased the area of effect of the stop sign and enabled particles for it.
-Changed the recipe of the letter.
-Fixed the shark dealing damage to yourself.
-The stop sign can be smelted for an iron nugget.
-The lamp can be used as fuel.
-Added eat sounds to the exotic butters.
-Fixed sound not playing when extinguishing a mob using the mad milk.
-Deleted the advancement for the metal pipe in 1.18.2.
-Fixed oversight of brick begin called “Brick Entity”.
-Brick can now go fast in water if boosted with cheese.
-Fixed an error where Brick will leap at its target, this was caused when using the suspicious apparatus with Brick nearby.
-Fixed Brick running slowly when damaged.
-Fixed Brick’s model having some errors and updated its texture.
-Removed almost all Brick immunities, now only immune to fall damage.
-Fixed Gustavo playing its hit sound in client and server.
-Increased Brick’s health, armor and experience dropped (Health 10 to 40, armor 0 to 4, experience 0 to 3).
-Fixed a duplication exploit with Gustavo.
-The Comically Small Car is now tamed by the first player that rides it, rather than detecting a nearby player after placing it.
-Centered Afton’s knife texture.
-Changed all mod audio to mono and adjusted some related stuff.
-Cropped Afton’s laugh.