Different Dimension Disturbance

Published by Aurora_V on Sun, 06/02/2019 - 22:48
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The current number of mod elements = 376.


 3 Biomes are included, a Forest Variant, The Fiery Plains and Icy Plains.

There are about ~24 blocks, representing the modded and Vanilla ores. One of which is a crafting station; The Compressor.

A compressor is an endgame block used to convert White and Dark Matter into compressed White and Dark Matter.

There are 12 mobs, most of which, are goblins. The goblins can be spawned with the "War Banner" and "Dimensional Rift" respectively. These "spawners" are difficult to defeat, so come prepared! War Banner should be fought with Tier 1+ gear, the rift should be fought with Tier 3+ gear.

There are 14 armor sets, ranging from the diamond equivalent ruby to the invincible creative gear.

These armors have new weapons, tools and buffs to support them.

The Multi-Tool is as it seems, a tool that can do any job with the same efficiency. As a downside, it cannot be enchanted.

There are 3 new times of weapons as well, Shurikens, Staffs, and Daggers. Daggers are low damage, but fast, swords. Shurikens are one-time-use throwables that deal mild, but fast and consistent damage. Staffs are slower multi-use ranged weapons, they do similar damage to Shurikens. 

Tier 3 ores are mined with elemental Multi-Tools. The compressor is mined with Tier 5+ Pickaxes/Multi-Tools.


Recipe browsing mods are highly recommended, as the recipes of this mod can be very complex and do not follow the normal ways of crafting that Vanilla recipes would normally have. If you need a tip, look for crystals (mined with a diamond pickaxe) and combine them with diamonds.

Future updates will include more mobs and some rebalancing (I'm looking at you crystals!). I never plan to add Dimensions in the future, but biomes are an option.


Please tell me if you find any glitches, feedback is much appreciated!


Version 3.0.2 Patch notes: Fixed Ruby Recipes, Increased the amount of Crystal needed to make certain ores.

Version 3.0.3 Patch notes: Added Saddle recipe, Added Slimeball recipe.

Version 4.0.1 Patch notes: Added 8 new structures, 5 new textures, removed the Dark Nether Star, re-vamped the Compressor GUI, many more minor changes.

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