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Hi, thanks for checking out my mod, this mod aims to add more weapons to the game whilst hopefully also balancing them.


My modding server:



Currently we have three sets:

  1. The knife set: a quick yet weak weapon, dealing critical hits with a knife has a chance to make your opponent bleed, depending on how bad it is the player has to use a paper or a bandage to end it, eventually it goes away on its own.
  2. The battle axe set: a slow yet very powerful weapon, works similar to axes, stone, iron and diamond having the same damage but starting to attack quicker, a big difference between axes and battle axes is that it hits multiple targets like swords.
  3. The kurasigama set: the kurasigama is simply used to pull mobs closer by right-clicking, I don't need to explain, do I?


Other stuff:

  • Entity bloodwhen an entity is bleeding, you can collect some blood from them once, you can drink it, however that is not recommended! You are better off holding it in your off-hand, holding a weapon in your main-hand and then right-clicking to add that mob's effect onto your weapon! (THIS FEATURE IS BRAND NEW AND NOT BALANCED YET)



All Knives!

Knife Crafting Pattern

Battle Axes:

All Battle Axes!

Battle Axe Crafting Pattern


All Kurasigamas

Kurasigama Recipe

Entity Blood

All Entity Blood!

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Modification files
NTDWeaponPack1.1.1.jar - This version is for 1.15.2, this is the third version.Uploaded on: 04/07/2021 - 20:33   File size: 89.55 KB
NTDWeaponPack1.2.0.jar - This version is for 1.15.2, this is the fourth versionUploaded on: 04/09/2021 - 11:21   File size: 156.96 KB
NTDWeaponPack1.2.1.jar - This version is for 1.15.2, this is the fifth versionUploaded on: 04/09/2021 - 11:51   File size: 156.96 KB
NTDWeaponPack1.3.0.jar - This version is for 1.15.2, this is the sixth and most recent versionUploaded on: 04/12/2021 - 15:20   File size: 198.69 KB

Mod got released:


-Bleeding effect



Version 1.1.0 got released:

-Adds battle axes, slow yet, strong, has more durability than normal tools(About 10% more), has higher knockback


Version 1.1.1 got released:

-Fixed axe knockback, which was quite necessary


Version 1.2.0 got released:

-Adds kurasigamas, purely ranged at the moment, used to pull mobs closer.


Version 1.2.1 got released:

-Fixes kurasigama's advancements being unobtainable


Version 1.3.0 got released:

-Adds entity blood, which you can collect by right-clicking a bleeding entity(Entity blood can be used to apply effects onto your weapons!)

Just a suggestion, It's very cool for me, a type of Diamond Stone to increase the damage of knifes/axes/etc, that you right click with the tool in hand and it sharps it, but if you do it too many times, it breaks. If you don't know how to do it, Here's how, Make multiple tools with different damages, make a procedure that when you click on block with a tool in main hand, it changes, and for the breaking part, on the last Sharp, make it that if player has it in main hand while Right Click, it breaks, or disappears, idk if you understand what I mean, but surely it would be awesome.

I'll consider it! But currently I have other things planned to add, one of the things will be a new weapon, which would definitely change pvp a bit, in a hopefully good way.
I'll note the idea though! Might add it for the regular diamond sword aswell if I do indeed add it.