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This mod is mainly about PVP and combat with your friends or in regular minecraft. This is now called Cryotechnics.


Packed Snow

This block is tougher than snow and can resist higher blasts.

Military-Grade Snow Block

This ridiculous chunk of snow can resist ever higher blasts.

Diamond Fragments

This is useful in the crystalizer./spoiler]

Armor and Weaponry

Slonedge Hammer

The slonedge hammer is the lowest you can get with weaponry. It has a damage of 4 and acts like an axe. When it chops wood you get a snowball.


The snowspike is an upgrde of the slonedge hammer. It is highly durable and does six damage. It cannot act like an axe.


This can be placed and will explode like TNT. BROKEN!

Icy Katana

This weapon has some durability but is does one more damage than a diamond sword. It also looks cool.

Obsidian spear

This is a simple melee weapon that may be ranged and melee in the future!


The snowblower is a rapid fire gun which is on the expensive side but is pretty fun to shoot with. It runs on snowballs.


This is a one shot gun that runs on packed snow.

Snolan Armor

  • Helmet

  • Chestplate

  • Leggings

  • Boots

Ice Bottle

This was a suggestion from down in the chat. Its recipe is shapeless and it can be thrown!

Check it out!


This weapon isn't really a weapon. All it does is knocks your friends, foes, and other entities back extremely far. It's like a fun gun!

This is its ammo.

This is a pig.

This is the same pig shot by the gun.


Snowball Repository

Right-click, get snowball, simple as that.


This is useful for multiple things such as:

Turn this into that!

Or this into that!

Maybe this into THAAT!

Last, something weird.

This ain't any normal snow block. Try placing it on the ground and you will see. Maybe try crafting it with coal or charcoal then try placing it. I'll leave this a mystery.


This block is cool because it will duplicate diamonds for a price.

Take diamond fragments and a water bucket a right click on it.

Once done, wait an hour for it to create two diamonds. Right click on the machine once it's done to gather those diamonds.

Ice Pill

This heals your player for 30 seconds. I need to balance this item.

Diamond Cutter

This recipe makes the purely aesthetic version of the cutter.

This recipe makes the useful version with silk touch. This can cut glass (including colored variation), ice, packed ice, and glass panes (including colored variation) easily.


  1. ‚Äč/gc : a /gamemode 1 command.
  2. /gs : a /gamemode 0 command.
  3. /ga : a /gamemode 2 command.
  4. /gp : a /gamemode 3 command.

I am sorry if the armor textures aren't working I tried to fix it.

Great mod! You could leave the sno-per's shots invisible, it IS a sniper rifle after all.
Also, maybe some Ice Buckets? You throw them like a grenade and they "explode" into ice blocks after a second or so.