The Silfin Mod

Published by Grifinne on Fri, 04/06/2018 - 13:58
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Hello everyone ! Welcome to the Silfin Mod (v. 0.1) ! This mod is a PVP mod that adds 4 new ores :

- The Murasium, a pretty rare purple ore that once melted gives ingots With which you can craft some equipement.

-The Nitronium, not very rare, when you destroy the Nitronium Ore, you receive 2 nuggets of nitronium with which you can craft Nitronium bars that can improve the Red Silfin (below), or can be used as fuel.

-The Silfin, a grey not pretty rare ore that once melted gives Silfin Ingots with which you can craft some weapons or tools or sticks of silfin (item indispensable to the creation of tools in Red Silfin, below).

-The Red Silfin, a red very rare ore (variant of Silfin) which allows you, once melted, to craft very powerful and efficient tool.

There is a extremely powerful stuff too : the Nitronium Red Silfin stuff (Nitronium stuff, in the mod) which are the most powerful weapons and tools of the mod, a mixture between Red Silfin and Nitronium.

So guys, this is all. I hope you enjoyed this mod. I know there is missing stuff like, bows, armors, and others. But, hey ! This is a 0.1 version, there isn't all the stuff in this version of the mod, and by the, you can tell me if you want an ore or an another thing in the mod, in the commentary space. Do not hesitate to install a mod that shows the crafts. Oh and sorry if I have bad English, I don't speak it all the time... Well bye bye !

Modification files
The Silfin Mod 0.1.jar - This is the mod, in 1.7.10.Uploaded on: 04/06/2018 - 14:21   File size: 137.37 KB