Published by Ross2750 on Sun, 02/26/2023 - 11:15
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You can find Aether Debris between Y-25 to Y-64 in Aetherslate cave

This mod adds new ingot called Aethersteel which is stronger than Netherite

Items and Tools

- Aethersteel Pickaxe

- Aethersteel Axe

- Aethersteel Hoe

- Aethersteel Shears

- Aethersteel Shovel

- Aethersteel Sword

- Aethersteel Helmet

- Aethersteel Chestplate

- Aethersteel Leggings

- Aethersteel Boots



- Aethersteel Block

- Aethersteel Slab

- Aethersteel Stairs

- Aethersteel Door

- Aethersteel Trapdoor

- Aethersteel Painted Log

- Aethersteel Painted Wood

- Aethersteel Painted Striped Log

- Aethersteel Painted Striped Wood

- Aethersteel Painted Planks

- Aethersteel Painted Slab

- Aethersteel Painted Stairs

- Aethersteel Painted Door

- Aethersteel Painted Trapdoor

- Aethersteel Painted Fence

- Aethersteel Painted Fence Gate

- Aethersteel Painted Button

- Aethersteel Painted Pressure Plate

- Aether Debris

- Aetherslate

- Cobbled Aetherslate Slabs, Stairs and Wall

- Aetherslate Bricks Slabs, Stairs and Wall

- Aetherslate Tiles Slabs, Stairs and Wall

- Polished Aetherslate Slabs, Stairs and Wall

- Cracked Aetherslate Bricks and Tiles

- Suspicious Aetherslate, Deepslte and Stone


If you install Oaks Nature you can use this following block in survival (1.19.2 only)

- Aethersteel Painted Hollow Log

- Aethersteel Painted Stripped Hollow Log

- Aethersteel Painted Log Slab

- Aethersteel Painted Log Stairs

- Aethersteel Painted Stripped Log Slab

- Aethersteel Painted Stripped Log Stairs

- Aethersteel Painted Wood Fence


To see all recipes use JEI


Can I make this a modpack?

Yes, But you need to put credit in your description

Can make a addon on this mod?

Yes, But you need to put credit in your description

Can I put this in other websites?

No, if you want to put a link to my mod you can but do not put the link on link shortener like AdFly

Mod Showcase Video:

Coming soon, you can make a video to this mod and there is a chance I will put your video here ^_^

Check out my other mod

Texture Packs
Aethersteel Texture Pack Thanks to continuedoakgaming for the resource pack

Aethersteel Legacy - Old Textures of Aethersteel before v3.5

If you have a bug in this mod click here

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Modification files
Aethersteel-v3.7-1.19.2.jarUploaded on: 05/30/2023 - 15:47   File size: 408.47 KB
Aethersteel-v3.7-1.19.4.jar - [BETA]Uploaded on: 05/30/2023 - 15:47   File size: 407.49 KB
Aethersteel-v3.8-1.19.2.jarUploaded on: 06/03/2023 - 14:52   File size: 431.94 KB
Aethersteel-v3.8-1.19.4.jar - [BETA]Uploaded on: 06/03/2023 - 14:52   File size: 430.65 KB

- Suspicious Aetherslate, Deepslate and Stone added

- Connected Aethersteel Painted Bookshelf texture added (Note: You need to enable Connected Textures in Optifine or install Connectedness if you are using Rubidium)