Modern Arsenal

Published by IndigoTail on Sat, 01/06/2018 - 13:39
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Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

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How to install:

1. Install the mod like you normally do, then enter Minecraft. (I recommend Forge Modloader)

2. Turn on Cheats, or else recoil would not work. (If you already had a world, go to "Open to LAN" and turn on cheats. But you have to do that every time you enter the world, sorry for the inconvenience)

3.Enter the world, and type " /gamerule sendCommandFeedback false " (Or else the recoil will spam in text when you shoot)



Sorry, because the new coding system update, the mod will update no more. But Im working on a mod just like this, I'll put the link here after its finished!

Changes in 1.3.0:

1.Armors! ITS HERE!

2. Foods and MRE

3. New Guns to play with!

- M4: the only gun (Currently) that can switch firemode from auto <--> semi

- Plastic Pistol: A gun that you can smuggle through airport security (Don't do that btw), Breaks in 1-2 shots and deals 300+ damage per shot!

4. New Magazine system! Right click with a Magazine/clip to get a certain amount of bullets!

5. Flame Thrower don't use coal anymore! It uses Napalm! (And It has a magazine: Napalm Flask)

6. Mines and Traps!

7. New Melee: Riot Nightstick (To go with the Riot armor)

Tips: Failed Shots had been bothering you? Run and Jump when shooting to fix this problem! Also gun don't work underwater.


Feeling Minecraft is too boring? Diamond Sword and Bow is not enough? Other Gun mods are too complicated for you?

Well, if the answers for the questions above is Yes, this mod is just for you!

1. Ammo

There's only a few types of ammo, and crafting is really easy. Just craft it on the crafting table!

2. Firearms

You can spam fire pistols and sniper rifles, but sniper rifles have massive recoil from 25 degrees to 80 degrees.

Rifles and SMGs can be auto-fired, Rifles have increased range but decreased firerate and SMGs have rapid-fire and they're deadly at close range.

Shotguns have poor range, but they have powerful recoil, knockback and the potential of One-shot-kill.

And if those guns are not big enough, we have Minigun, Negev, Flame Thrower and Grenade Launcher!

Those weapons are balanced and field tested, all weapons are capable to help me to survive a night.

(SMGs are the only guns that doesnt have Recoil)

3. Textures

I know its not 3D, I'm still learning, but I drew those guns and ammos single-handedly, Pixel by pixel.

So if you're using them, at least notify me and mention my name. Please.



 - Pistols -

M9: Semi-Auto, Medium Range, Medium Damage, Uses Small Pistol Rounds, (Can be Dual/Silenced)

M1911: Semi-Auto, Medium Range, Higher Damage, Uses Small Pistol Rounds, (Can be Dual/Silenced)

USP.45: Semi-Auto, Longer Range, Lower Damage, Uses Small Pistol Rounds, (Can be Silenced)

P220: Semi-Auto, Medium Range, Higher Damage, Uses Small Pistol Rounds, (Can be Dual-Wielded)

Python: All stats have been increased slightly, have higher knockback, Uses Medium Pistol Rounds.

Contender: All stats have been increased slightly, have longer range and higher knockback, Uses Medium Pistol Rounds.

Deagle .50 AE: All stats have been increased drastically, Uses High Caliber Pistol Rounds.

Glock 18: Rapid-fire, Medium Range, Lower Damage, Uses Small Pistol Rounds.

Plastic Pistol: Breaks in 1-2 shots, Ridiculous Range and deals 330+ Damage. Kills Wither in one shot.


 - Rifles -

AK47: Increased Damage, Medium Range, Uses High Caliber Rifle Rounds.

FN-SCAR: Increased Damage, Medium Range, Uses High Caliber Rifle Rounds.

M16: Increased Range, Medium Damage, Uses Normal Rifle Rounds.

AR15: Increased Range, Medium Damage, Lower Recoil, Uses Normal Rifle Rounds.

G36C: Increased Range, Lower Damage, Uses Normal Rifle Rounds.

AS VAL: Increased Damage, Reduced Damage, Uses High Caliber Rifle Rounds, and since it's barrel is already a silencer, It's relatively quiet.

FAMAS: High Range, Medium Damage, Uses Normal Rifle Rounds.

AUG A1: Even Higher Range, Medium Damage, Uses Normal Rifle Rounds.

P90: Rapid-fire, Medium Range, Lower Damage, Uses Normal Rifle Range, Deadly at Close Range, but it's an Ammo Black Hole.

M1 Garand: Sluggish Fire rate, but High range and damage.

Gewehr 34: Basically a Germany Version of the M1 Garand.

Henry Repeater Rifle: Sluggish Fire rate, High damage and even higher range, but it has High recoil.

M4: (Auto) Same stats as M16. Auto fire.

       (Semi) Same stats as M16, but Low firing rate (Which means only tap-fire)

       Put it in your Crafting grid to switch from Auto and Semi.


 - Shotguns -

Remington 870: Poor Range, Normal Damage, Normal Knockback, Normal Recoil, Uses 12 Gauge.

KSG 12: Poor Range, Normal Damage, Normal Knockback, Lower Recoil, Uses 12 Gauge.

Ithaca 38: Increased Range, Normal Damage, Normal Knockback, Slightly Reduced Recoil, Uses 12 Gauge.

Double Barrel Shotgun: Really Poor Range, Lower Damage, But Superior Knockback and Higher Recoil, Uses 20 Gauge.

Lever Action Shotgun: Really Poor Range, Slightly increased Damage than the D.B Shotgun, Higher Recoil, Uses 20 Gauge.

Spas 12: Increased Range, Slightly increased Damage, Normal Knockback, Normal Recoil, Uses 12 Gauge.

Striker: Poor Range, Slightly increased Damage, Superior Knockback, Higher Recoil, Uses 20 Gauge.

AA12: Poor Range, Normal Damage, Normal Knockback, Barely have any recoil (8 degrees, really small for a shotgun), Uses 12 Gauge.


 - SMGs -

MAC10: Normal Range, Normal Damage, Normal Knockback.

MP5K: Higher Range, Normal Damage, Normal Knockback.

MP7: Normal Range, Higher Damage, Normal Knockback.

"Tommy Gun": Higher Range, Higher Damage, Higher Knockback.

Bizon: Normal Range, Higher Damage, Normal Knockback.

PPSH-41: Normal Range, Higher Damage, Normal Knockback.

Kriss Vector: Normal Range, Higher Damage and Knockback.

Uzi: Slightly Higher Range, Normal Damage, Normal Knockback.


 - Sniper -

Springfield: Normal Range, Normal Damage, Normal Recoil.

Colt 1855: Normal Range, Higher Damage, Higher Recoil.

Lever-Action Rifle: Normal Range, Reduced Damage, Lower Recoil.

M14: Normal Range, Normal Damage, Even Lower Recoil.

SKS: Shorter Range, Reduced Damage, Really Low Recoil.

Mosin Nagant: Normal Range, Higher Damage, Higher Recoil.

Dragnov: Higher Range, Higher Damage, Normal Recoil.

AWP: Even Higher Range and Damage, but Higher Recoil.

Stery Scout: Slightly Shorter Range, but Lower Recoil and Pretty good damage.

Barrett .50: Ridiculously High Range, Damage, and Recoil. It uses High Caliber Sniper Rounds, and makes a small explosion upon impact.


 - Heavy -

Negev: Normal Range, High Damage, Auto-Fire, 

Minigun: Normal Range, Even Higher Damage, Rapid Fire, Ammo Black Hole, and hard to control since it got 3-degree Recoil upon every shot.

Grenade Launcher: Lower Range, High Damage and Explodes on landing. Uses 30mm Grenades.

Flame Thrower: Rapid Fire, Really Low Range, High Damage and burn mobs on hit, Uses Napalm to Shoot.

Rocket Launcher: Longer Range, Higher Recoil, The name explains everything...


 - Tossables -

Frag Grenade: Explodes on impact on surface, but just in case it hits a mob... It'll kill the target in one hit, but the grenade will not go off.

Molotov: Upon Impact, It will place 3 block of fire in a specific pattern. Deal massive damage if direct hit, and sets target on fire!

Tomahawk: Direct hits deals about 20 - 35 Damage.

Airstrike Marker: Calls a TNT airstrike, drops 4 TNT from the sky in an random pattern and then BOOM!


 - Melee Weapons - (And no, you can't chop trees with it... Still working on the values)

Baseball Bat: Speed 0.9, Damage 6. (HOME RUN!)

Cricket Bat: Speed 0.9, Damage 6. 

Hockey Stick: Speed 0.9, Damage 6.

Fire Axe: Speed 0.9, Damage 7.

Hatchet: Speed 0.9, Damage 7.

Machete: Speed 0.9, Damage 7.

Baton: Speed 1.6, Damage 6.

Bonesaw: Speed 1.6, Damage 6.

Bowie Knife: Speed 1.6, Damage 6.

Hammer: Speed 1.2, Damage 2. 

Wrench: Speed 1.6, Damage 6.

Kitchen Knife: Speed 1.6, Damage 6. (If you're going to make a roleplay about psychopath serial killers, Go ahead!)

Golf Club: Speed 1.6, Damage 6.

Cleaver: Speed 1.6, Damage 6. 

Crowbar: Speed 1.6, Damage 6. (Definitely NOT from Half life 2)

Tactical Knife: Speed 1.6, Damage 6.

Sledgehammer: Speed 0.9, Damage 8.

Katana: Speed 0.9, Damage 8.

Riot Nightstick: Speed 1.6, Damage 6.


 - Medical Items and Utilities - 

Bandage: Slower and Longer Regen, but slows you down for 2 seconds (Because you are applying the bandage)

Painkillers: Faster Regen, May cause dizziness(Nausea) after consuming, good for Healing but still not losing your pace.

Medkit: Halts your movement for 2 seconds, and fully heals you with an insanely fast speed.

Morphine: Resistance and Regen II for 30 seconds.

Adrenaline: Jump boost II, Speed II and Strength III for 30 seconds.

Refractive Field Generator: Makes you invisible, faster, and a lot harder to hit (Invisibility, Speed II and Resistance II for 5 seconds)

Screwdriver: Speed 1.2, Damage 2. Right Click at bear trap or Hazard to disarm it.

Pliers: Right click at Explosives to Disarm it.


 - Armors -

OG107 Utility Uniform: Just for roleplay. Slightly stronger than Leather Armor.

Police Uniform: Just for roleplay. Stronger than Leather Armor.

Tactical Military Armor: 6.5 Armor Points. Looks cool.

Riot Armor: 8.5 Armor Points. Really good look.

Special Forces Uniform: 8 Armor Points. (If you're going to play SWAT or Rainbow Six Siege in Minecraft, Go ahead)

Carbonfiber Armor: 13 Armor Points. And comes with High-as-heck Toughness.


 - Helmets

Military Helmet: For cosplay, only have 0.5 Armor Point.

Frontline Scout: 0.5 Armor Point, Speed 1.

Recon NV : 0.5 Armor Point, Night Vision.

Medic: 0.5 Armor Point, Regen 1.

Fire Support: 0.5 Armor Point, Resistance 1 but Slowness 1.

Commando: 0.5 Armor Point, Jump Boost 2.

Operative: 0.5 Armor Point, Haste 2. (Will be put in later uses)


 - Food -

Chocolate: 2.5 Saturation points.

Granola Bar: 3 Saturation points.

Bread Ration: 3 Saturation points.

Purified Water: 1 Saturation points. Its an ingredient for other food.

 - Beverage -

2 Saturation Points. Crafting: Beverage (Flavor) Base + Purified Water + Glass Bottle = Instant Juice


Orange, Lemonade, and Raspberry.

 - MREs -

5 Saturation Points. There are 24 flavors, and you can see all the Recipe by using the JEI mod.


01 – Chili w/Beans
02 – Shredded Barbeque Beef
03 – Chicken w/Egg Noodles & Vegetables
04 – Spaghetti w/Beef and Sauce
05 – Chicken Chunks
06 – Beef Taco

07 – Brisket Entrée
08 – Meatballs in Marinara Sauce
09 – Beef Stew
10 – Chili and Macaroni
11 – Veggie Crumbles w/Pasta in Taco Style Sauce
12 – Elbow Macaroni and Tomato Sauce

13 – Cheese Tortellini in Tomato Sauce
14 – Spinach Mushrooms & Cream Sauce Fettuccine
15 – Maple Pork Sausage Patty
16 – Rib Shaped BBQ Pork Patty
17 – Mexican Style Chicken Stew
18 – Beef Ravioli in Meat Sauce

19 – Grilled Jalapeno Pepper Jack Beef Patty
20 – Hash Brown Potatoes w/Bacon
21 – Lemon Pepper Tuna
22 – Asian Style Beef Strips w/Vegetables
23 – Chicken Pesto Pasta
24 – Southwest Beef and Black Beans


 - Hazards -

Bear Trap: Upon Contact, Wither 2 for 10 sec and Slowness 6, Weakness 3, Poison for 20 sec. Right click with Screwdriver to destroy it.

TM-46 AP Mine: Upon Contact, It blows you sky high. Right click with Pliers to disarm it. Don't break it when it's on!

Claymore: Upon Contact, It blows you even higher. Right click with screwdriver to remove the cover, then cut the wires with Pliers. Don't break it when it's on!



I hope you guys like it. Thank you for reading this wall of post and downloading my mod!


Future Plans:

-Army, Police, Riot Armors, If you got ideas, name it in the comment section. Don't be shy, speak up!

-More Medical item

-More Utilities

-Hazards, such as Barbed wire.

-Blocks, for decoration and building purposes

-Some hostiles to shoot at (Of course, they will shoot you. From pistol, rifles to a nasty explosive surprise!)

Modification files
Modern Arsenal 1.3.0.jar - 1.3.0 Download1.17 MB

If you guys need the recipe, you can use the JEI (Just Enough Items), It will show the whole recipe of the firearms.

command block output dosn't work you have to do send command feedback false

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