Random Bosses

Published by Kyoukster on Thu, 11/25/2021 - 21:55
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Random Bosses

Random bosses. as the name says
Is a mod that adds several bosses

10 to be exact.
These bosses have different mechanics and themes. 
the themes may have No sense. but that matters?
All bosses have their won dofficulty. going to only need a wooden sword
to Possibly end Breaking your keyboard (and is not my fault if that happens. stop being bad)

Devourer of souls, One of the hardest bosses on the game


A List of The bosses

Clay Man

Clay man. the easiest boss to summon in the mod
Have several phases. Each phase is faster than the other.
The lower health each phase has.
The Stronger it will be
With a final phase. that can challenge even heavy armored players

The Last Crystal Cup

The Last Crystal Cup
Ins't too strong. but the deadly debuff it inflicts will be a problem to strongest players
A good ALL IN Can defeat this boss.


RNG Man. have different stats every fight you have against him
Hp. Attack. Speed. Even the weapon
changes per fight.. If RNGod is on your side. you will win no matter what
but if not... You will see the Dead screen in an instant

Forgotten Miner

Forgotten Miner.
Have the skill. To ignore Player Immunity frames. also ignoring the non enchanted armor
Spamming arachnid bots that will follow the player
Just to attach and explode after seconds.

Skill be with you . player

Golden Beast

He is a little joke. slow . a little tanky
As long as you have a water bucket in your inventory you will won
But. have a fancy flying mount! (rngod drop)

The Witness

all your sins in one boss. 
she knows everything you have done bad. 
And you will fear her

Devourer of Souls

The Devourer of souls
A little tanky enemy. with 3 phases
The first 2 are not a problem
but the last one...
Every some times. regenerates his hp
The longer you take to kill him on last phase.
The higher Damage. The Higher Defense. it will have


Idk what i was thinking while making him
unlike other bosses. his Hp  will remain in 20
And the damage will still on 1
But the higher difficulty. His armor will slowly be even more enchanted.
It can fight a full netherite player on HARD

Infernal Golem

A real boss.
Summons several enemies at the start of the fight
having several phases. giving you a real challenge
Or just a water bucket and you won but that doesn't matter


The bosses Change their stats. such as armor. health. damage. with the difficulty
And some times. increasing the internal attacks

If a player ins't near a boss in a 40 blocks radius. it will despawn
To Fight the bosses. you only need to use a summoner. This summoner can be crafted with vanilla materials
In case you are not using any type of Crafting-recipe mod (as JEI)
You can allways use the Manuscript. items cointaining the recipes . Which are obtained by the 


The Clerics Are differents mobs which are related to a boss
These will spawn after you get certain Materials..... Or with a gamerule set in false. making the clerics to doesn't need  the achievements

Some Summoner items are consumed after using it. and some are not

After trully Killing a boss. The soul of it will spawn
The soul is a mob that will drop the items of the boss after killed. also giving an achievement with just hitting it


All bosses have a special item. Named SOULS
these contain. little. random. lore (which have no sense )
After getting 9 you can use them to craft a summoner. for the final boss


Final Boss

The Final boss is the Final challenge. being the hardest boss
When fighting him in multiplayer. 
You need to protect the player that summoned him
Because if the summoner player dies. the fight will instantly end
And if on hard. Also any other player will be instantly killed


Good Luck... against. 

the random bosses

In case you want some screen shoots and download older versions (for some reason)

The curse forge page contains more info about the mod. with screenshoots


(All bosses we're done completely with Procedures.)

Modification files

Uploaded on Mcreator page